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Title: El Policia Album Art

Image by Joshua from Essex | in art & design, design, graphic design

El Policia Album Art

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First of all i read details about the band. By the gist of things, i realised they wanted the album to be about the music not themselves as an image: Using the provided photos i decided to blur the members to suggest something coming from within, the music they make is from inside. The band likes deep mysterious colours i edited the background to a deep red with a cracked wall print effect. This immediately changed the whole effect of the album. I added writing on the wall because as this would be the bands first album, i wanted to indicate some form of history or background. I love'd the idea of all the writing on the wall in their basement so tried to add this into my album by writing words of meaning. In the bottom right corner i faintly added a musical heartbeat as it ties in with the music coming from within. I rasterized the title of the band until i felt it represented its spanish origin. I left the black space for the band member to come up with a album title. I felt it was important the band had its part in the album design.


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