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Title: Winner!

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"Portrait09" - I chose El Policia because I appreciated their raw talent and thought that it could be presented well through art. I built this design on the notion that they, as stated, ‘are a one, two, three piece band’. I reflected this through the jigsaw style font in which each member acts as a component of the band’s name. My use of abstract shapes also reflects the abstract emotions that I interpreted in their lyrics e.g ‘what went around came around…’ Encapsulating portraits within letters, I aimed for simplicity; not only to contrast the background but adhere to the minimal indie-rock music they produce. The portraits are almost symbolic representations that reflect the concept of the band, important because they ‘want people to listen to our music and react’. My research led me to positive reviews which I adapted to add texture/depth – representative of their lyrical content. Visually, this depth should intrigue new listener’s encouraging them to discover more. Despite the experimental appearance, like ElPolicia, the detail is carefully crafted to communicate a meaning that may not be apparent upon first glance/listen. I chose dark colours to reflect their mysterious using round and sharp edges to represent ‘positive/uplifting vs raw/dirty’


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