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Title: Ed Sheeran - Portrait09

Image by Anna from Scotland | in art & design, design, graphic design

Ed Sheeran - Portrait09

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Ed Sheeran I choose Ed Sheeran because of his down to earth nature and acoustic music. In my designs I choose this particular photograph because Ed is a solo artist and the photograph portrays his personality. I thought it was quite a modern image with the hands covering his face and his eyes in contrast being darker than the rest of his face. I choose to use orange and yellow colours because they have an autumn, warm feel which I feel matches his kind of music. I didn’t want to use greens or blues because they could represent a more techno vibe when he is not. I choose then to put the leaves as a transparent layer in the background at the top of the image because he said he liked nature and I thought it brought a connection from the music into the visual design. I choose to make the whole image quite transparent so they would blend in subtly with each other. Ed mentioned his roots in music and his favourite bands, the roots on his hands represent the roots of his past and were all music comes from; something that is really important to him.


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