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Title: Portrait09 design for Ed Sheeran

Image by Sarah from Scotland | in art & design, design, graphic design

Portrait09 design for Ed Sheeran

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In this photo I have tried to use portraiture by showing Ed's likes through the use of images. I had originally used an image made up of travel souvenirs but that was a copyrighted image so instead I made a collage of famous places over the world using pictures. I then put a little dog footprint like the one on Ed’s guitar but with colourful toes next to his quote to give the impression of someone travelling and leaving their imprintation on a place. I think Ed's imprentation would be colourful so this is why the toes are different colours. I put the train ticket in as I thought it linked well with Ed's quote which features in the bottom corner and also he said he collected them. I also think the background linked in with the quote well as it is pictures from places around the world which is kind of like a souvenir of where you have been. I cut Ed out a picture and filled in the shadow. I planned on leaving it like this but then put his orange hair on top as I thought it was one of Ed's main features and it was part of his colourful personality. :)


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