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Title: Blast Portrait Competition Entry - Ed Sheeran

Image by Sarah from Kent | in art & design, 2d, collage

Blast Portrait Competition Entry - Ed Sheeran

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Ed is a unique artist and this is represented in the artwork because it is not a completely conventional style of artwork and is quite original– how many album covers have a ring of sweets? However, the bracelet of sweets, similar to that on his wrist is something important to him as each bracelet ‘[has] a story to tell’. The circle of sweets would be effective as it’s a circle within the square, which will be mimicked when the CD case is opened. I have used the bright coloured sweets and surrounding orange colour to signify Ed’s love of bright colours; he always wears lots of colour and believes that all his songs have colour therefore the use of many bright ones is relevant. I chose this particular image as it is more artistic in its composition than the others. I didn’t want to make the artwork too complex as Ed is determined to be seen as a ‘normal person’ and not to be hyped up like some celebrities are. I chose Ed Sheeran because his music is innovative with various influences and he is a very talented musician who wishes to be represented in a unique way.


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