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Title: Runner up!

Image by Daniel from Surrey | in art & design, design, graphic design

Runner up!

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"El Policia Album Design" - I chose 'El Policia' to design an album cover for because I like their style of music the most out of the three artists and I have had experience designing 'grungy', 'minimal' and 'dark' designs before. This meant I could do a better job of designing for them. Their music is 'intelligent, raw, minimal indie-rock music'. The eyes of a person can show intelligence which is why I focused the portraiture of the design on the middle of the head where the eyes are situated. To make the design ‘raw and dirty’ and also look slightly ‘organic’ looking, I used some stock photos of leather and paper textures in the background. I also didn't over complicate the design and therefore kept it at a minimum by just using a few images and text. I kept the whole design quite dark and kept their faces greyscale as ‘dark colours, deep and mysterious’ were their preference. Again, the idea of a ‘dimly lit basement’ gave the idea of greyscale. I designed it in Photoshop because it is easy to manipulate the images and I have more experience using it. I can also keep it a sharper design and more minimal.


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