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Title: Ed Sheeran

Image by Rosie from Oxfordshire | in art & design, design, graphic design

Ed Sheeran

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I chose Ed Sheeran as my artist because i really love his music and his attitude towards it. I'm an A-level art student so I wanted to create an album colour that really captured his personality and music, I used water colours because they gave a colourful dream like effect, almost romantic, this is reflected by his music which, to me, is very mellow, surreal and romantic. The use of portraiture in this picture gives the album design an personal feel, it's unlike his earlier album covers, however i stayed with the colour scheme of his first album, to emphasise this personal feel i painted in his bracelet and chalk necklace. In his interview he mentioned that he liked wearing bright clothing, so when I took a picture of my painting and uploaded it I used photoshop to brighten the colours and create a more defined outline of the portrait.


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