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Title: Rizzle Kicks Album Cover

Image by Sarah from London | in art & design, design, graphic design

Rizzle Kicks Album Cover

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For me Rizzle Kicks represent youth and the indie music scene. They are young and not afraid to be a bit different which is why I chose this band. I chose to use collage in my design and a handwritten font to give it a ‘DIY’ feel. This is something that Rizzle Kicks said they liked and after looking at their blog and their Myspace I felt that this was an accurate reflection of their personalities. I chose to use this particular photograph of them as it shows a cheeky and fun side which comes across in their interview and in their music. The way they’re looking at each other also shows their friendship which I feel is an important part of their music. They’re young and fresh which is part of their appeal and I think that this design reflects that as it isn’t too perfect or polished – it’s a bit rough around the edges but not too serious.


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