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Title: Runner up!

Image by Aidan from Scotland | in art & design, design, graphic design

Runner up!

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"Portrait09 El Policia" - When entering the competition, I decided to go with El Policia because... well, they're fairly awesome. After going on they're "myspace" page and having a listen to their song, "Drunk on the Throne", a couple of thoughts came into my head and I started to throw these ideas about on photoshop. However, nothing really seemed to work. Soon, when I had got frustrated enough, I ripped one the designs I was working on... and it looked pretty good! Many sheets of paper later, I had finally got the perfect, effortless-looking, ripped-up style I was hoping for. Putting together my ripped apart masterpiece of a collage, I got the load of newspaper, cardboard, train tickets and everything else and stuck it all in the scanner. I threw in the photo of the band and messed around with a few filters and adjustments on the computer and, at last, I'd managed to get together an almost decent album cover. Woohoo! I feel that my design really represents El Policia, with it's effortless, edgy look and I think that holds a lot of aspects of what they are as a band. I also thought that it'd be quite funny to put in a shabby, ripped-up cardboard frame -you know - because it's portraiture.... never mind. Anyway, I hope you like it! :D


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