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Title: Ed Sheeran - Mixed media entry

Image by Eleanor from Cheshire | in art & design, 2d, collage

Ed Sheeran - Mixed media entry

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I noticed that Ed Sheeran loved colour so I took the photo which I thought expressed not only his personality but also his music and made it as vivid as possible using a collage of green , blues and turquoise at the top echoing his eyes and shirt. I also used a mixture of reds, orange and yellow to reflect his guitar , undershirt and awesome fiery hair. Ed himself is a gouache painting in which I did my best to cram as much colour as possible in. I really tried to bring out his acoustic guitar because it is the root of all his music. I placed the squares on one by one and painted it using different techniques including the use of oils , natural dyes and recycled materials . I enjoy doing art by hand it always makes your work look a lot more personal and earthy. As well as painting and collage making I am also an amateur wildlife/portrait photographer. I truly love portraiture as I believe that if you can successfully capture your subjects emotion what you are really expressing is their soul.


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