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Title: Rizzle Kicks Album Cover

Image by Katie from Northamptonshire | in art & design, design, graphic design

Rizzle Kicks Album Cover

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I love photography, so I knew straightaway this would be my medium of choice, along with Photoshop for the editing. Lighting is very important, so I used it to create some nice shadowing to complement the dark colours of the cover, as they mentioned liking dark colours. However, I broke this up a bit with the bright red lipstick. The main idea behind the cover was to have a strong image that embodied Rizzle Kicks' style. They said to 'think outside of the box' and I hope I did that. The glasses hint at their 'preppy' style, whilst the smudged lipstick creates a youthful, carefree 'street' vibe. I incorporated two elements of portraiture into the album cover, with the portraits of Rizzle and Sylvester in the glasses worn by my sister in the main portrait. I wanted the cover to be portrait-centric, so I overlayed the text, allowing the image to show through. I chose a sans serif font to suggest simplicity and informality. The final touch was to again overlay a splash of watercolour that I scanned in to Photoshop.


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