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Title: El Policia Album Cover

Image by Kari from Scotland | in art & design, 2d, mixed media

El Policia Album Cover

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When reading El Policia’s profile page, the bands style caught my eye, I found their style interesting and unique which really inspired me to design for them. I used Photoshop to create their album cover. When I saw that the band write and make their music in a dimly lit basement and that they liked dark colours, it inspired me to create a contrast between the black background and I used the lighting effects to put the spotlights on their faces which I hope symbolises the dimly lit basement. I also used lens flare on Hugh’s sunglasses because it is one of his signature items, which I thought was important to the band and should be recognized in the album cover. The texture tool Photoshop helped to create the texture on the band members faces. I created a neon effect on El Policia’s text name because it captures the feeling that the band want their name in neon lights at the Manchester Apollo so I think it signifies what the band inspire too become.


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