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Title: Rizzle Kicks Album Cover 2

Image by Gali from Essex | in art & design, design, graphic design

Rizzle Kicks Album Cover 2

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This is my second design for ‘Rizzle Kicks.’ I have taken an image from the BBC Blast website of the pair standing next to each other. This design is much more neutral in colour and instead relies on the fractured effect to catch the eye. I have digitally manipulated the photograph to produce this effect which appears as blurred pixels splattered around the edge forming the outline and body of the two band members. Somehow this effect seems to sum up the name ‘Rizzle Kicks.’ I have kept the logo simple, to fit with the rest of the cover, by simply doubling up the text and offsetting it in a different colour. I have drawn on small square dots in lighter shades to pick up on the pixilation of the main image. I decided not to use the colour white as the background and have chosen a pale pinkish off-white to compliment the other neutral colours.


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