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Title: Winner!

Image by Nathan from Hampshire and Isle of Wight | in art & design, design, graphic design


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4.57 out of 5

"Quietly Loud" - I wanted to show what Ed's music was really about in this album art. From the research I did of him, and from the ideas I got when listening to his music, I created this design. I saw the colour green as representing his personality, and I think it links in well with the design to show off the mood and message of the music well. The general effect was created by using colour halftone on the portraiture image, then adding different layers of textures and effects and a light opacity of his original face. I chose certain lyrics from his songs and manipulated the text layers so that they appeared to be streaming out of his guitar showing a flow of his vibrant music. This is the message that I was trying to put across, that of vibrant soulful music coming from Ed. The rough texture in the background comes mostly from jeans, and puts across a casual point of view, and shows him off as a rough yet stylish character. The design is well balanced and shows a good leading line, I decided to emphasise the guitar and his trade mark paw print to show his unique style.


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