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Title: Mood boards : ideas on how to make them

Video by whitefire from Hertfordshire | in writing, how tos

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Ideas for mood boards - please forgive the shoddy camera work but hopefully it helps in some way...or another. It gives some advice on how to make a mood board...well i hope it does at any rate!


    • 1. At 6:54pm on 02 Feb 2010, Pearl wrote:

      Hey, I feel inspired. I might try to make one myself for the story I'm doing at the moment. :)

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    • 2. At 9:10pm on 02 Feb 2010, kim wrote:

      The only crit Ellen is the 'I'm not very good at these comment' not true at all. I thought it was excellent and like Pearl I thought yes I am going to have a go, then I remembered I don't have any magazines, I'm not a magazine person. But I do like looking at others. Do you look at the mood board when you run out of inspiration? Or is it up in your room all the time? Oh and who was on the phone?!! ha.

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    • 3. At 00:06am on 03 Feb 2010, Bexy wrote:

      It was really interesting to see someone else's mood board and have it explained - all the meaning and stuff? It was pretty inspiring 'cos it made me think of other angles I could look at it :)
      Thanks and you are good at these!

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    • 4. At 2:24pm on 03 Feb 2010, English Host wrote:

      This is fantastic - I feel totally inspired. I'm going to make one for my latest project NOW!

      How many mood boards to you create for a story? Just the main character - or others too? How about the 'villain?'

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    • 5. At 2:47pm on 04 Feb 2010, Ellen wrote:

      Erm I look at the mood board from time to time well...just because its there really. It helped me to get to know my character more than anything! But im glad it inspired you guys to make your own, or to well think of making one at any rate lol!

      This is my first time creating a mood board for any story, mainly because I've never had a story that I've been quite so obsessive over. But now that you mention it Sandra...a villain one sounds good! I did try making one for James...but I only had girl magazines at the time and not a lot of things in there went with his character, as to be expected! Hmm I shall go on a male magazine cruise again and try and find some stuff in there!

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