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Title: [CENSORED] - Spoken word

Audio by Krazmaz from Kent | in writing, performance, spoken word

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DO YOU HEAR THE VOICES TOO?! Ahem, rather; I attempt some voices and it goes somewhat awry, I reckon. Also, it's just over five minutes! Nooooo!


    • 1. At 3:35pm on 29 Jan 2010, kim wrote:

      Your work about censoring has been censored. Oh hell. This is so disappointing. I was so pleased to see this and then darn the thing says it's not working. I am not a happy bunny.

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    • 2. At 00:46am on 30 Jan 2010, Krazmaz wrote:

      Aha. Hahaha. Hahahahahahahahahaha.

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    • 3. At 7:46pm on 31 Jan 2010, Ellen wrote:

      Well was an interesting thing at least. But i really want to know what you said that made it so censored lol. And there are now two unhappy bunnys.

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    • 4. At 11:29am on 01 Feb 2010, Krazmaz wrote:

      I've reuploaded it and if I doesn't work again I'll assume it's because it's like twenty or thirty seconds over five minutes and I'll brutally hack the thing down.

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    • 5. At 1:54pm on 02 Feb 2010, English Host wrote:

      Hoorah - it's no longer censored. LOVE the sinister voice!

      This works very well - your little asides work when you read it aloud - suddenly it makes sense.

      My one tiny comment is that you seem to be reading rather fast - I'd be tempted to slow it down a bit.

      But apart from that - fab - even better than when it was just on screen.

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    • 6. At 4:39pm on 02 Feb 2010, Krazmaz wrote:

      Hurrah! It works! And I keep getting speed comments, hmm, must endevour to slow it down I suppose.

      And finally! Asides accepted for the noble things they are.

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    • 7. At 9:03pm on 02 Feb 2010, kim wrote:

      I think I am in love with you Krazmaz, this is superb. The voice is great. I wish I could hire you to do voices for me. Scary voices. Not just randomly. Any how I loved this story when I read it and as always you bring something else to it when you read it. Fab and so glad the censored thing was lifted. Out of interest why was it censored?

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    • 8. At 00:02am on 03 Feb 2010, Bexy wrote:

      I enjoyed this.
      The story is great and I love your voices - just slow down, as everyone else said :D

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    • 9. At 4:37pm on 04 Feb 2010, blasthostliz wrote:

      Sorry it seemed like we'd censored your work. There was a glitch in the system which prevented the audio from working when we posted it to the website. These things happen sometimes!

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    • 10. At 2:59pm on 06 Feb 2010, Ellen wrote:

      this is fab Krazmaz - truly brilliant, and i adore the voices! :D

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    • 11. At 10:38pm on 18 Feb 2010, Krazmaz wrote:

      If there's one thing I can try and manage it's a slightly inhuman voice. Well, I try.

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