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Title: Runner up!

Image by Tiju from Cheshire | in art & design, design, graphic design

Runner up!

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"El Policia - Album Art" - I find great pleasure in designing for El Policia because of their wonderful musical style. I have used a computer medium which enables me to manipulate images with relative ease and allows me to create a professional finish. I have used a retro theme using Sepia colours and a rustic finish to emphasize the down to earth characteristics of El Policia. I have implemented writing into the background to represent their "dimly lit room with writing all over the walls" to add individuality to the design. It was also necessary to make a bold statement as El Policia usually does; this was achieved by using the big loud Yellow text to grab the attention of the viewer. By placing the images of the band in the middle, it is possible to create a strong composition. Overall, I believe I have been able to capture the essence of El Policia, they are not flash, they are not showy, they are simply down to earth, independent and talented. Thank you.


    • 1. At 3:39pm on 29 Jan 2010, admastar wrote:

      Very nice entry. The second-to-last sentence in your description describes it perfectly, its very fitting for the bands look in my opinion. I particular like the text, I will probably be stealing the idea of using gradients make touching letters clear sometime in the future heh. The image is greyscale also, not sepia.

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