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Title: BBC blast portrait competition Ed Sheeran

Image by caitlin from Oxfordshire | in art & design, 2d, mixed media

BBC blast portrait competition Ed Sheeran

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This is my entry for the BBC blast portrait competition; it is of Ed Sheeran, the indie/rock artist. The artist I chose produces the type of music I like, and as well as appealing in this way he seemed to have his own identity that was not borrowed from mainstream icons but has his own original look. I worked on his musical aspects but most importantly how could I represent him so I researched bands with the same genre. Then it came down to designing my album cover. I read an interview that said he likes bright colours and he wears different bracelets, so I tried to include this in my design to show his personal identity. The main art forms I used in the design are collage, painting, and a bit of sketching. I chose these art forms because I thought they would make the album cover look original and like Ed was not the perfect person but an ordinary person. For the portrature in my design I have focused mainly on the position of Ed which I chose from a range of pictures because he looks calm and relaxed. I cut up pictures of him that where quite dark to stick around his head so that you would notice the portrait. I put an outline of a guitar behind his head so that you could get the idea of what instrument he plays to show his musical identity.


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