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Title: Tapped out - Spoken word

Audio by Krazmaz from Kent | in writing, performance, spoken word

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Ignore the noise at the beginning. Or don't. Either way, just be aware there's a loud and odd noise at the beginning. Just to mix things up, you understand. Anyway, here's one I did earlier. Hah.


    • 1. At 12:49pm on 26 Jan 2010, English Host wrote:

      Tee hee - love the safety goggles with no lenses...Brazil again!!

      I can't help feeling that this is only the first part of 'Tapped Out' - I want to know what happens to him. Is there more?

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    • 2. At 11:49am on 26 Jan 2010, kim wrote:

      Thanks for keeping these coming Krazmaz, these make me laugh so, like the deep laughs that actually make you feel a bit better when you've finished laughing, they say laughing is good for you. The only thing is, I kind of don't feel that ought to have been the end. I love the details in this, I just wanted it to continue and then you ended it. I would love to see your stories about work related lifestyles put into an anthology. And out of interest what was that noise at the start, were you coughing up a fur ball?

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    • 3. At 2:37pm on 26 Jan 2010, Krazmaz wrote:

      That was me growling in consternation, or something approaching it. And the ending might have been a tad abrupt. As for what happens to Jarvis...not much, really. Hah.

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    • 4. At 9:48pm on 26 Jan 2010, xCharismaVioletx wrote:

      I like the way Jarvis thinks the comments scratched down as nothing more than satire. And the attachment he has to the fungus is also interesting. As already said, I think there is definite potential for more with this story. But it's up to you of course. Keep these audio posts coming! I love them! Wow I sound like a creepy fan now (not intentional).

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    • 5. At 10:24am on 27 Jan 2010, Krazmaz wrote:

      I might write a continuation, perhaps...though I doubt it'd end well for Jarvis. Hah.

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