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Title: Block - Spoken word

Audio by Krazmaz from Kent | in writing, performance, spoken word

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5.00 out of 5

Sam attempts to use modulating tools to lower his voice. Sam fails. Sam is now sad.


    • 1. At 4:25pm on 25 Jan 2010, kim wrote:

      I have absolutely no idea what a modulating tool is or why you would want to alter your voice. This is great reading a little fast at the beginning, but once you truly got into your Krazmaz stride it was JUST BRILLIANT. I love how a lot of your stories tend to end with someone just being randomly killed. It's sort of an amazing cop out, but it works wonderfully, with your superb dialogue. And is it better than the others? Well I thought they were all fab, so I can't really judge. It's a gift Sam embrace it, don't bother with strange devices I have never heard of.

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    • 2. At 11:05pm on 25 Jan 2010, Krazmaz wrote:

      Heh, I was trying to make block sound deeper. It didn't work out...

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    • 3. At 09:54am on 26 Jan 2010, kim wrote:

      Sorry it's me again, but Block's voice was brilliant as you did it, it was deep and rumbling and you made me feel so sorry for this inanimate yet animate object. I even didn't mind when Teddy got crushed! It just seemed like a natural progression. Like a hug from Block. Poor thing, I also loved the bit about him being human once before, which asked so many questions, how had he been turned? Maybe another short story!

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    • 4. At 12:30pm on 26 Jan 2010, English Host wrote:

      Love it - I really love the way you give inanimate objects lives.

      Something that I've been noticing a little is that you're tending to speed up your delivery a little. I wonder whether you need to slow down just a tiny bit.

      But I'd say don't bother modulating your voice - it's great. Just keep it steady and clear and we'll gobble up anything you care to post...

      Oh - and do let us know you've posted something by popping the URL on the message board - I didn't notice this and gulp - almost missed it!!

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    • 5. At 12:31pm on 26 Jan 2010, English Host wrote:

      Actually, listening more, the speeches are just fine - perfect speed. It's the 'story' bit that could slow down a little.

      But I just love Block.

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    • 6. At 10:08am on 26 Jan 2010, jetguy2 wrote:

      it didn't fail at all for me, i love your story's please continue

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    • 7. At 9:41pm on 26 Jan 2010, xCharismaVioletx wrote:

      Who else would think of giving counselling to a solid brick wall? I love these random little stories Krazmaz. They always make me smile. I often listen to them when I've had a horrible day, and then my family give me strange looks for laughing so much at apparently nothing. As always, brilliant stuff. And I wouldnt worry about the modulating stuff - your voice is deep enough anyway!

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    • 8. At 1:57pm on 29 Jan 2010, Krazmaz wrote:

      Often times I am mistaken for my father. My father is in his mid-sixties. Does this mean anything? No really, but it amuses me. Hur hur hur.

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    • 9. At 10:16am on 31 Jan 2010, kim wrote:

      No Kraz we all turn into our parents eventually. Although I'd say you must have a cool father.

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    • 10. At 10:34pm on 18 Feb 2010, Krazmaz wrote:

      My dad is awesome, though sadly going boating together is now somewhat difficult.

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