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Title: B Beat Of Four Walls

Audio by Brada from Northern Ireland | in music & audio, genre, dance/electronic

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This is a piece I created using Soundtrack. Any young composer or, in this case arranger, should really check the program out if you have a mac and haven't already used it. I use it for my short films!!! ENJOY!!!! B


    • 1. At 2:14pm on 21 Jan 2010, Ed_Bitesize_Host wrote:

      I'm liking this piece, Brada! It has a real rolling energy to it (nice!) which leads into an emotional narrative with its strings. Would definitely make a great film score...

      Talking of which, how do you go about composing for your films? Do you have any special things you like to bear in mind if you're making music for a film? Be great to know :)

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