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Title: Job - Spoken Word

Audio by Krazmaz from Berkshire | in writing, performance, spoken word

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5.00 out of 5

People wanted more and I am nothing if not a slave to the whims of the people. Hur hur. At anyrate, Job.


    • 1. At 11:10am on 15 Jan 2010, English Host wrote:

      I love it - and I eve love the ramblings about not being able to say "particularly death-defying..."

      I enjoyed this a lot when I read it before - the zebra bit still gets me chuckling - but to hear you read it really makes it come alive.

      More! More!

      And - can I ask you a cheeky question? Would you mind making us another podcast - about how you make podcasts? It can be as rough as you like - but really a description of what you - 'I press this button, open this program - whatever you do?

      I'd love to see more people following your lead as this is SO enjoyable and it would be really good to have a Krazmaz Guide to Podcasting...

      And please - another one soon!

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    • 2. At 09:54am on 15 Jan 2010, jetguy2 wrote:

      i laughed at this, i do like that the old man isn't listening at all, do please do more

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    • 3. At 11:22am on 15 Jan 2010, kim wrote:

      Oh Krazmaz, Sam whoever you are. Do you have a vacancy for someone to follow you around all day and hold your hat when you take it off? You are just brilliant. It made me laugh out loud. The description, the ideas, the dialogue it's all brilliant and genius. I love how the old man got a bit cool at the end. lol...and I too love your ramblings at the end. It would be so interesting to listen to a random, just made up on the spot type narrative from you. So what about the job and the hat thing?

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    • 4. At 2:00pm on 15 Jan 2010, kim wrote:

      So I commented on this this morning and I went to post, but it said, you've already said this on comment one, which is very strange indeed, so I was forced to abort my mission. Any how, what I said before (please excuse if the post comes up) but this is brilliant, I think your writing really shines. I think you just have IT, the xfactor whatever you want to call it. I loved the bit about the lerprauchaun and the man going to get the colour from the rainbow. It's just brilliant and only you could come up with this and write it.

      I also asked if you had a vacancy for someone to follow you around all day and hold your hat when you take it off, which would be a fantastic job for anyone, even if you don't have a hat, but if you don't have a hat, please get one. Your introductions are hilarious too. They really are a joy to listen to and I am so glad they come out quickly too.

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    • 5. At 3:48pm on 15 Jan 2010, Krazmaz wrote:

      I'm sorry to say that I choose my hats on the basis of their practicality and so they all fit easily into my cavernous jacket pockets. In fact, everything I need to carry has some clip or pocket for it.

      Besides, I don't think manual labour would be your bag anyway. Hah.

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    • 6. At 6:23pm on 18 Jan 2010, xCharismaVioletx wrote:

      Again, totally brilliant! I loved this one too. The zebra/otter bit really got me. I think my family are now fearing for my sanity, because all they have heard this evening is me laughing away to your stories! You really do have a gift for humourous spoken word stories. I hope you will keep posting more work up like this! And Kim, you could always carry his jacket around if you really wanted to.

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    • 7. At 12:19pm on 19 Jan 2010, blasthostliz wrote:

      Another enjoyable listen. You read this slower than Kong and sound more relaxed. I was wondering whether you prepare your text at all before you record it eg think about the pace of the story or how you'll make different voices sound? As the Writing Host says, it would be great to have a podcast from you giving the simple steps you take to record your stories and we'd love to have more Blasties reading their stories.

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    • 8. At 10:15pm on 19 Jan 2010, kim wrote:

      Blasties sounds a bit like something that warms the toes, or a toastable snack! And I would love to carry Krazmaz's coat around or his shoes, but he's got to wear them I suppose. Can I carry anything? Maybe a pen or a potted plant, anything. I really have become such a fan. I am being quite serious as well.

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