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Title: Ed Sheeran CD Design

Image by alice from Hampshire and Isle of Wight | in art & design, 2d, mixed media

Ed Sheeran CD Design

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4.50 out of 5

I chose to design something for Ed because he seems like a really artistically driven guy who can keep his feet on the ground. I feel I can relate to him and his music very well. I chose mixed media because I think it represents his eclectic lifestyle, he's not governed by any particular trend or interest. I used Ed's portrait in the polaroid because it's a focal point, and I get the impression that Ed is interested in retro and vintage like his collection of train tickets (which I have included an element of in the design). Also, polaroids are a snapshot of a memory, like the train tickets are to Ed himself. Ed also seems quite artistic, so I included a film reel showing picturesque scenes. I also added his all-important guitar and his liquorice bracelet as I think they both signify his personality and lifestyle very well! There's a quote from Ed, so that viewers can see his laid-back, artistic personality. I hope this design encompasses Ed's lively and colourful, yet peaceful life.


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