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Title: El Policia - Album Entry

Image by Elliot from Somerset | in art & design, design, product

El Policia - Album Entry

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When reviewing the interview of the band I noticed they like dark colours. So I began drumming up some ideas. From listening to their music I drew a sort of neon/pop/rock atmosphere. I used Photoshop to begin forming my ideas. I wanted to have the band together so merging them together highlights the bands unity. As for the typography I wanted something bold like their music. So I picked a nice graphic typeface in white. To give the text more energy I gave it a double shadow of blue and red. Not only giving a slight nod to the british colours. It also makes for a mock-up optical illusion. Telling the buyer they are going to embark on a bold and exciting adventure though music. I then painted the boys faces accordingly to match the typeface. Giving the whole album unison. Their music also had a smokey and raw feel and to symbolize this I created a somewhat smokey logo that is still contemporary. Just like the band. What I really like about the three images I chose was the personality in them. Each one different to the other showing the diversity of the group.


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