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Title: Album Portrait

Image by jack45316 from Kent | in art & design, 2d, mixed media

Album Portrait

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I chose Ed Sheeran because I felt his style resonates the most with me. I like the image he portrays, the fact that he is a regular guy not trying to be "glossy". His song writing comes from his heart. He's not trying to be something he's not. Computer graphics was the most obvious and easiest method to manipulate Ed's photograph and achieve the image I was looking for. I have represented aspects of Ed's music and style in the design; the roots of his music from acoustic guitar, mixed with folk and hip hop. The main cover photograph I chose is of Ed, playing his paw printed guitar, showing his bracelets. This individualizes the photograph to him, picks up on his unique style, all based around acoustic guitar. Ed's portrait inside his guitar portrays him living his music, as one with his instrument, expressing his emotions/passion from his heart and soul. The image tells a story in itself and I hope it will make people think about what it means to them individually as do Ed's lyrics affect the listeners.


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