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Title: Winner!

Image by aaniya from Essex | in art & design, design, graphic design


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"Rizzle Kicks CD cover design" - Hi, I'm Aaniya and I'm 15. I hope you like my design! I chose 'Rizzle Kicks' as their style is very intriguing and unique but also, they seem to be really fun and entertaining; for me, that is what music is all about! I created my design all by hand by ripping around one of their photos and i used magazine lettering to create the title. I wanted to give the cover a slightly worn out feel because Rizzle said their music is about their 'battered teenage lives'. For the same reason, i included random doodles and words that they said in the interview to represent their teenage-hood. I used plain and quite deep colours because they like that kind of colour scheme as it is mysterious but i also added light blue etc to lighten things up a little because it symbolizes their happy-natured selves and their youth. I chose that picture of the boys because they look fun and cheeky which, i feel, shows their character well and, as far as portraiture goes, who better to represent the band than Rizzle and Sylvester themselves! Thanks for this opportunity bbc-blast! I hope you like my design!


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