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Title: Portrait'09 -Ed Sheeran

Image by Maddy from Kent | in art & design, 2d, drawing

Portrait'09 -Ed Sheeran

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I wanted to create something colourful with an edge of seriousness. I was inspired by Ed’s use of colour whilst capturing his genre of music. In his video he said his work was fundamentally ‘rootsy’ –with the acoustic sound, so I included brown/earthy colours and a subtler palette. I used a lot of different media to get this effect which I think works with his style. I wanted to do something a little different from a photo manipulation. Although photos are used with the smaller Ed and the guitar –I drew over them. I like the idea that the close up image is the real portrait and all the other things are his thoughts and imagination. I love working with imagination and creating a bit of surrealism to my portraits. I think our thoughts and style give our personality away more that a plain face and that is what I wanted to capture. In the dots around his hair (a trademark of my drawings) there are music notes and his cat print that is on the side of his guitar but also, after doing some research, I found it was included in more of his artwork. I enjoy the little detail like that and hope others will too.


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