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Title: Runner up!

Image by Gali from Essex | in art & design, 2d, illustration

Runner up!

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"Ed Sheeran Album Cover" - I have chosen to design for singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran as I love his unique style of music. I have tried to convey ‘portraiture’ by drawing what I consider a symbolic representation of Ed without facial features. I chose the surrounding of an London Underground escalator because he is based there and many of his lyrics have strong links with the capital. From listening to many of his songs such as ‘On the Underground’ and ‘The City’ it was apparent that he relates to ‘travelling alone’; because of this I have chosen to leave the people surrounding him plain and with no colour.By depicting Ed with a vibrant orange for his distinctive hair, green to represent his trademark hoody and a brown strip across his chest to imitate a guitar strap I think it really captures his energy and aura. I have included his logo in the bottom right hand corner and underneath that I have handwritten a quote that was featured in his interview from BBC Blast; ‘If you don’t know where you have been, you don’t know where you are going.’ I think this quote fits in perfectly with this design as it relates to travelling. I hand sketched the drawing in a black marker pen from the bottom of an escalator on the Underground. I love working with black marker pens because of their boldness and ability to capture expression and feeling. I think that the obvious hand drawn quality wih its sketchy lines adds a vibrancy and authenticity to the album cover.


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