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Title: El Policia Album Cover Design

Image by Laurence from Surrey | in art & design, 2d, mixed media

El Policia Album Cover Design

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I chose the band 'El Policia' as I preferred their style and attitude which I have attempted to communicate in my design. I used computer graphics to make this as this not only made the process of creating the design simpler but it also looks more professional. I have shown evidence of portraiture in my design as I have taken the original photo of the band, hand-traced it, scanned in this image and graphically altered it. I researched into 'El Policia' and found out that their lyrics are often about modern, urban lifestyle. I have shown this by using scanned-in newspapers and an internet photograph of a street in Manchester, their hometown. I deliberately made my design look gritty and messy as I wanted to stay with this theme and the fact that real album covers are not usually neat or symmetrical as this makes them look more effective. The Union Jack in the corner is meant to represent their loyalty and dedication to their country. I chose this photograph for this style as it meant there was an equal amount to draw for each band member so although they are individual they are also part of an equal group.


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