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Title: Fear, Nightmares and Insecurities

Image by LooRoll | in fashion, clothing, jackets/coats

Fear, Nightmares and Insecurities

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4.50 out of 5

Final outfit for uni project. Inspired by fears, nightmares and insecurities.


    • 1. At 10:48pm on 04 Nov 2009, Domingo_Fashion_Grad wrote:

      Love the colour story, Beautiful hues of purple.

      Great padding and collar on the jacket and fantastic texture on the trousers through the print.

      Good work!

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    • 2. At 5:07pm on 10 Nov 2009, JulianRoberts_fashion_host wrote:

      hey Loo... this is fun... keep exploring this styling idea: boxed up/ contained/ protected, it's got a lot of tension to it and makes the body throw angular shapes... contrasting nicely with the curvy padded coat, which i like a lot. Keep playing with garments & photos, i'd love to see more uploaded. =)j

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