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Title: 10 Your Label - Webisode Ten - Catwalk Show

Video by Blast | in fashion, behind the scenes, by blast

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Show day is finally here. The team are ready but how will the collection look on the Catwalk, and will the audience turn up?

DIY Your Label

If you’re going to stage your own catwalk show you’ll need to be really organised. Here are some tips to help make it a success…


You can use almost anywhere to stage a catwalk show as long as it has enough room for the audience and the catwalk itself. The catwalk needn’t be raised; it can just be marked out on the floor with tape. Make sure the audience can see. One “front” row of chairs is enough with the rest of the audience standing. You need a place for photographers at the end of the catwalk.


Have a look at Webisode 9 for tips on choosing models and how they should walk


You’ll need backstage changing area big enough for all the outfits to be hung up and the models to change as well as space for hair and makeup.

Hair and Makeup:

Webisode 8 has some good tips on Hair and Makeup for the catwalk:


Your music needs to complement your collection; you could use a live DJ or mix the music into one track long enough for the whole show. It has to be loud enough to create an atmosphere.


Lighting should be bright and even, before trying any special lighting effects concentrate on making sure that the whole catwalk is well lit. You could consider having a daytime, outdoor show to avoid lighting problems.

Running Order:

What order should the outfits appear on the catwalk? Try to open and close the show with a key look and make sure that the rest of the outfits “flow”.


Have a complete walk through with the models well before show day so you know exactly how long the music needs to be and how long the show will be. An average catwalk show is only about 12-15 minutes long. Much longer than this can be boring!


How the outfits are worn can turn a good show into a great show. Choose accessories which reflect the themes of the collection.


You’ll need to invite roughly twice as many people as you have space for to ensure a full house, ask everyone to RSVP to the invitation so that you have a list of who should turn up. Make sure that you have some space for latecomers to stand and watch the show.

See how London-based label B-Store prepare for their first London Fashion Week show.

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