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Title: El Policia Interview

Video by Blast | in music & audio, genre, rock & indie

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3 piece band El Policia talk about their influences, why the do it and where they want to be in 5 years time.

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Below is an article written by BBC Blast Reporters Kate and Linda finding out a little more about El Policia...

South Manchester three piece band El Policia play intelligent, raw, minimal indie-rock music.

They met at school and are a breath of fresh air and quite different to a lot of other music coming out of Manchester. They play music to please themselves and try to think outside the box in musical terms. Between them they have a wealth of musical influences including Tom Waits and the Velvet Underground but still maintain a fresh approach to music. This blend of old and new gives El Policia's music depth. Lyrically they are intelligent, often reflecting the apathy of modern Britain, as well a gritty social commentary on life around them. Their music is positive and uplifting in places, as well as raw and dirty.

I imagine great things for El Policia. Not only are they a lovely bunch of Northern lads, but are great musicians with exceptional talent.

What's the bands favourite colour?

Dark colours that are deep and mysterious.

Where do you write and make your music?

In a dimly lit basement at home in Manchester. It's really small with loads of writing on the walls. We started writing on it a few years ago - so some of it makes us laugh now!

What inspires you?

We like abstract human emotions. We're inspired by people.

What items that you own do you love?

Al: This bracelet from my girlfriend. I keep losing it in odd places; I found it on a radiator last time! Hugh: I went to New York and bought some classic sunglasses. Andy Warhol wore some like these in The Factory. I shaved some of my hair too; I think it's quite rock and roll.

What would be your dream venue to play a gig at?

We would love to play the Manchester Apollo. It's a converted building with bags of authentic character, loads of wood and steel.

What advice would you give anyone wanting to enter the competition?

Sam: We want people to listen to our music and react to it. We work quite organically and remain true to ourselves. Our songs are about real life, so hopefully people can relate to that.

For more information on the competition, visit our competition page


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