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Title: Rizzle Kicks Interview

Video by Blast | in music & audio, genre, rock & indie

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Indie Hop is how they describe their music. Would you agree? Find out their influences, why they write the music they do and how famous they are aiming to become!

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Below is an article written by BBC Blast Reporters Kate and Linda finding out a little more about Rizzle Kicks...

Hailing from Brighton and attending the legendary Brit School, Rizzle Kicks comprise vocalist/MC's Sylvester and Rizzle. Describing their sound as 'indie-hop', they eclectically draw from a massive range of artists - from Pete Doherty and Beck, to Dizzee Rascal and P Money. Where other artists have failed to successfully blend such a mash-up of genres, Rizzle Kicks make it sound effortless. It is not contrived; in fact I think that the music they produce is an exact representation of both the boys as people. They are both 17, fresh faced, oozing both talent and charm. They talk a lot! They have a lot to say. Behind the banter and larking about I think they are sharp, funny, intelligent, and have a keen eye on what they hope to achieve.

There is a buzz about Rizzle Kicks. Their music is unique - part grime part hip-hop, blended with rock and indie. They are undeniably British, providing a witty and honest insight into life, love, the music industry and growing up.

Some of the images on your website make it look like a cutting edge fashion magazine!

Rizzle: We love that! Thanks. We both designed it.

What's the bands favourite colour?

Dark colours that are deep and mysterious.

Who took the photos for you?

Rizzle: I actually shot a lot them myself. I love using Polaroid and retro images in black and white or muted colours. We also made our last album cover ourselves! We got loads of chalk and drew on a wall outside.

Nice hat Sylvester...

Sylvester: Thanks, it's Rizzle's actually. He has amazing fashion sense. Rizzle: My mum worked in the fashion industry, I have grasped some of that I guess. We both like colour but it has to be used sensitively. I'd say our look tends to be quite preppy, with a street edge.

Why did you bring football to the studio?

Sylvester: We both love football! I'm in a football team myself, we wear a blue and white stripe for our kit, it's really nice and eye catching.

What advice would you give anyone wanting to enter the competition?

Sylvester: Try to think outside the box. "Do it yourself" is our motto!.

For more information on the competition, visit our competition page


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