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Title: 7 Your Label - Webisode Seven - Festival

Video by Blast | in fashion, behind the scenes, by blast

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The 1.Wo/man PR and Styling team went to the 1234 Festival in East London to try to get some celebrity endorsement for their show and t-shirt collection, and to pick up some styling ideas for the collection.

DIY Your Label:

Celebrity endorsement has become a key tool in marketing any fashion brand. Basically it just means that a celebrity wears your clothes in public and their fame rubs off on your collection.

Who To Approach:

The team realised that the “underground” celebrities they could find at 1234 were perfect for the 1.Wo/Man image. Make sure anyone you approach to wear your clothes appeals to your target customer otherwise his or her endorsement might have a negative effect.

Where To Find Them:

Research local festivals, gigs and events and decide which ones might appeal to your target customer, think about any celebrity contacts your team might have or any cool people you know, they don’t have to be world-famous, just relevant to your target market. Then it’s just about getting out and about and talking to as many people as possible about your collection and what you’re trying to do.

A really simple way of getting endorsement for your collection is to create a t-shirt with your logo on and photograph as many cool people as possible in it then post the pictures on your blog or website.

Styling Tips:

The best way to get styling tips for your collection is to spend some time people watching. This could be at gigs, festivals or anywhere that you might see stylish and original people.

Consider what makes someone stylish; it’s not only what they wear but more importantly how they wear it. Think about hair and makeup ideas too. Make notes and if you’re feeling confident you can interview people about their style and how they put an outfit together. Ask them if you can photograph them for reference, they’ll probably be flattered. Use all this information when you’re styling your collection.

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    • 1. At 5:09pm on 13 Sep 2009, Georgie wrote:

      Did only two t-shirts designs win then? i thought there were going to be 12

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    • 2. At 12:27pm on 22 Sep 2009, Blast Host - wrote:

      Georgie, there will be more designs available for the t-shirts, when we went to film at the festival we were only able to take out 2 advance ones. Keep an eye on the site for details of how to get hold of them!

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