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Title: 2 Your Label - Webisode Two - Research

Video by Blast | in fashion, behind the scenes, by blast

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The Your Label team met up for their first session and went out trend spotting on London’s Brick Lane. They had to turn their research into ideas for their collection.

DIY Your Label

If you’re creating your own label, research is the first thing you’ll need to do. You’ll have a rough idea of what you want to do but research will help clarify your ideas. You’ll need to research:

1. A name. What name best represents what you’re trying to do?

2. A creative direction. What’s the overall idea for the collection?

3. A target market. Who are you designing for?

4. A logo. What typeface? Which colours? Any graphics?

A Target Customer:

Who do you imagine your collection will appeal to? Where will you find them. Are they in your school, your group of friends? Where are they most likely to be? School/college, shopping centre, park, high street etc

Take a camera and a notebook, decide what you want to ask: a good question is “tell me about your style” it gets them talking.

Photograph everyone you speak to and take notes. Speak to as many people as possible.

When you’re finished discuss your research together and you’ll soon get a really good idea of who you’re aiming the collection at.

Use your target customer as inspiration for the range.

A Name:

A difficult decision! It should reflect what you’re trying to do but not be specific to a season or particular fashion. Leave yourselves plenty of time to get it right!

A Creative Direction:

In fashion this means the overall creative idea behind the brand or collection. The Your Label team decided on “bringing Brick Lane style to the catwalk. Mixing sportswear, vintage, androgyny and tailoring”. It’s not about specific designs, more of a “mission statement”.

A Logo:

This might just be your brand name written in a particular typeface or it could be more complex with pictures and symbols involved. It must suit your creative direction though. If you’re going to use a symbol: Will it work as a print? Could it be an appliqué? Could you embroider it? Will it work as a t-shirt graphic?

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