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Julian Roberts

Your Label Design Team Mentor & Fashion Host of BBC Blast Online

Julian Roberts is a fashion designer and film-maker, who has shown 13 collections at London Fashion Week under 5 label names: nothing nothing, JULIANAND, Julian and Sophie, Parc deS EXpositions, and Tunnel Technique. He has won the British Fashion Council's 'New Generation Award' 5 times.

He also Creative Directed SuperSuper Magazines two group shows at London Fashion Week in 2007/8.

He is an accomplished scholar and teacher with an impressive history of classes, lectures and demonstrations given in the UK and throughout Europe and America. He was awarded a Professorship and set up the new fashion school at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK in 2004, and now lectures MA Mixed Media Textiles at the Royal College of Art in London, and at 8 other universities worldwide.

Julian Roberts is the inventor of a garment pattern cutting method called 'Subtraction Cutting', which he demonstrates live in front of large audiences in America and the UK, teaching people of all ages and levels of expertise how to construct creative clothing.

If you want to own a Julian Roberts garment, then you have to first learn how it is made.

All Julian Roberts garments are limited editions made individually for each person, and include a pattern cutting master class.

Garments can be bought, or exchanged for collaborative skills or opportunities.

Cutting classes can be booked by individuals or large audience groups in any country.

A book outlining Julian's approach to design & cutting was published in Spring 2009 in California.

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