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Title: 6 Your Label - Webisode Six - Getting organised

Video by Blast | in fashion, behind the scenes, by blast

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The Your Label team have been having some big problems, some team members just aren’t committing themselves to the project. Everyone in the team has to be reliable; they need to be really clear about what they’re expected to do and when they have to do it by.

DIY Your Label:

To keep your collection running smoothly you’ll need someone “in charge” who has an overview of the project.

Managing Director:

Every team needs a Managing Director, it’s not that they’re going to be the “boss” just that they need to know what has to be achieved, when it has to be done by and who should be doing it. You’ll need to choose a Managing Director who can resolve disputes or misunderstandings within the team, everyone must respect their authority.

Swapping Roles:

If there are problems and things aren’t going as well as they should, you could try swapping roles within the team. It might be that some people just aren’t ready to take a leading role and would like less responsibility. Any changes should be organised by the Managing Director but agreed by the whole team. Everyone has to be prepared to try new approaches.

Although it produced some interesting results the 1.Wo/Man team’s re-shuffle didn’t really work, no one took a leading role so they found it very hard to make decisions. Once Julian gave them some tips on Range Planning though, things started to fall into place.

Range Planning:

There’s lots of ways to plan your range, you could split it into groups: colour or theme, print or fabric, male or female.

Julian took the total number of outfits and split them into 4 subject categories: Sports Day, Festival, Guerrilla and Evening immediately making the collection more manageable.

Draw a grid on a large sheet of paper, each square to represent an outfit. As you design stick small “thumbnail” sketches of each outfit on to your range plan then you have a really simple overview of the collection, pin small fabric swatches to the plan too. As you design and create outfits the range plan gradually fills up and your collection takes shape.

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