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Title: Design Competition Brief - Moodboard 1

Image by Rose from London | in fashion, design & create, customisation

Design Competition Brief - Moodboard 1

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Your Label T-shirt Competition. This is one of three moodboards to accompany the brief for the Your Label T-shirt design competition.

Design Brief:

For our diffusion line, we want to give you a chance to design process our the Tshirt range which will be sold online in aid of Children in Need. You will need to capture the 1.WO/MAN image, of infusing masculinity with feminine charm, whilst still showcasing your creativity and artistic flair. You will need to create an independent vision using bold colours and graphics within your Tshirt designs that will create an urban feel that is wearable by both sexes. Whether it is stickers, paint splats, textures and patterns or everyday objects, natural forms zoomed in on, creating a pattern itself, let your creativity run wild, but still keep to the 1.WO/MAN image.

Be inspired by your surroundings to create an individual design, even if this means jotting down little things you see on your daily routine! We will be choosing designs that ooze individuality, so good luck and get designing!


1.W/M team xo


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