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Title: Fashion Design competition with Matthew Williamson

Image by Danny from Cumbria | in fashion, design & create, drawings/design

Fashion Design competition with Matthew Williamson

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My inspiration came from my holiday to the Yucatan Peninsula on the east coast of Mexico in 2006, there I met the descendants of the Mayan people and got a real taste of their culture, I also did a lot of snorkelling and spent many days exploring the Mexican Coral reef, which is slowly being destroyed by boats and the illegal trade in Mexican Coral, and this is what inspired my design.The plumage on the bust represents the wings of the eagle on the Mexican coat of arms, I picture these feathers being made of brown and beige silk and given strength and structure using wire or boning.The bodice is inspired by the simple dresses worn by the Mayan women, they used brightly printed and weaved fabrics and made them with a baggy fit as a practical way of keeping cool. I also thought the printed fabric and loose fit was reminiscent of many of Matthew Williamson's pieces from his summer 2008 collection.The bottom, consisting of the layered fabric over the structured under skirt, was inspired by the coral that I was lucky enough to see, the soft blues and purples were common on the coral reef and also featured heavily in winter collections by designers Versace and Pucci.The symbolism I want to portray in this dress is the eagle of Mexico protecting the Mayan culture and the magnificent Coral reef.


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