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Title: Recycled jeans skirt

Image by Elizabeth from Wales | in fashion, design & create, recycling

Recycled jeans skirt

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I worked on the unit 'recycled fashion' as one of my AS level Art and Design units. I experimented with various textures, materials, and clothing types (e.g. I made a dress purely out of ties, and a necklace from credit cards), before turning to experimenting with denim. People of all ages, shapes and sizes wear jeans, and I wanted to attempt to recycle/ reclaim some of the great volumes of denim being discarded or abandoned. To create my skirt, I used purely worn and discarded jeans (kindly donated to my cause by various family members!), thus in keeping with the theme of 'recycled fashion'. I made the skirt in six separate panels before joining them all together; utilising a total seven pairs of jeans. I also used various strips of the waistbands of jeans to create the waistband of the skirt, and the zip is also taken from a pair of jeans. I was really pleased with the final result and hope to go on to more designing and creating on a similar 'recycling' theme in the future, possibly with the prospect of a career in fashion design in the future.


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