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24 September 2014
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By web user Peter Bounce from Walsall
Black Country jokes
Black Country dialect

A page of Black Country jokes, poems or stories - compiled by Peter Bounce.


Use the alphabet links below to have a look at a selection of words that typify the Black Country accent.


Black Country poet - Carol Midwood

More about the Black Country dialect

Black Country jokes

About the Black Country

2006 update:
Find out more about the dialect and add your comments


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We` ad a dog nex` dower, barkin` it wud`nt stop,
So o` thaw`t od` gee it `ond, wi` the elp o` me mother`s prop, so o` powked it threw the fence, each time it barked un yapped,
Then wun day e` grabbed it, un bit it til` it snapped.

Me babby” that`s wot the od`e lady called it, the one that lived nex dower,
“Wus e` doin` t` yo? thus wood all over the flowa,
“Now cum on me little darlin`, his dad`ll soon be back,O`ll tell im what he`s dun, he`s sure t` get a smack.”

So wen me dad cum um ,un o` tode im wat o`d dun, How o`d fought the beast nex’ dower, with the prop un neera gun,
How he`d tryed t` jump the fence, un savage is little kid,
How with the help o` me mother`s prop,un a metal dustbin lid,

Now me dad wor` avin` non o` it, cus e` knew me e` wus me dad!
The od`e lady nex` dower, ad tode im o` wus a liy`a, un ar` wus bad.
He grabbed me by the earhole, un slung me cross his lap, e` pulled me trouser`s round me knee`s, un gid me but a slap,

Now wen od` finished blartin, o` wiped the tear`s from me eye`s,un O` wus snivellin in the gardin` shed, plottin` the dogs demize,
now o` could`nt use the prop, cus it wus broke, as ya` know,
so o` searched round the gardin` ,lookin fer summat t` throw,

Now o` found un arf` en` ducker, un o` thawt` jus the job,
o`ll wait till the od`e mon`s gone t` werk, un o`ll chuck it at the dog,
o`ll stand by the fence, un bide me time, un wen o` get the chance,
if the coast`s all clear,o`ll throw the brick, un mek the varmint dance,

now wat o` day` know, wus the lady, in er` wisdom, ad let im goo,
so o` stood by the fence wi` me arf` end brick wunderin` wat t` do,
on earin` a growl behind me ,o` trembled un feared the werst
so o` turned round quick, t` see me dad wi` a stick,un the dog staring in me ferse.

gertcha ya` bloody varmint,of catched ya` in the act,
if ya` gunna throw the brick, yo`de berra be quick,cus this dogs really fast.
well o` day throw it did I, o` jus scarpered quick as o` cud,
un even thou o` wus runnin, o` felt the wind, of that piece o`wood.
un wi` that dog snappin` at me heels, un the ode` mon breathin smoke,
,o` woe be gooin dowen that road agen, unless o` course ,the varmints on a rope.

“BOUNCE” - from Walsall

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