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28 October 2014
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A Walsall walk

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How old are these pictures? My flat wasn't even built then and I've been in walsall 3 years.

I was born in walsall 57 years ago,and going back for the first time to see where i lived and taking my son to show him.i now live in the u.s.

Skater of walsall
the police are always on our backs about skating on the podium / civic or arboretum yet its walsalls fault for taking the skatepark away! it wasnt really there for that long and then one day i go down and there is a bolt across it and its empty inside. waste of space now. sorry walsall council or whoever but you suck.

Andrew moss
I was born in walsall but moved to live in london and other countries some 36 years ago ,Belive i a have lived in many countries and Walsall rankes well up there with the best..? but it would have been better if they had not pulled down the George Hotel '''' Best regards to all Walsall folk,, comon u saddlers

Walsall has changed sooo much from these pictures... Can you please update them... But otherwise luving the pictures..

ono ish daa gyal Zombii .
Walsall, iz livo.. twus meeeeeh ... it is absaloulty fabulus !!!! xx nuff lurvage xx o n big up bloxwich yeh !! xx PEACE xx

Pawan Khatawane
Walsall is really a good place with good people.As an Indian on a business visit, I found Walsall a cool place.I liked visiting Churches and attending services there. The local market near Tesco and art museums are wonderful. Lyndon House hotel is good to stay at.I would like to visit Walsall once again.

you canot demolish the sk8park because allot of people enjoy to go and sk8 there

born and bread in walsall !!!!!!

i agree with bayzil especially the stickers in the window lolz! its a great place knoocking down in seven days its needs to moveeee or we wont have nowere to skate and then we will be asked not to by other people and then causes auguments its a place were you can achually skate and nonoe shouts and 1 week left :(

Hohn Pteres
Your photo's are very old! You need to take new ones as the town has been regenerated. Please update! Thank you. On a loghter note, walsall is a good town to live in, but is deprived in some areas which need more community work doing in.

walsall resident
Walsall is a great place. Great People.

jyde wood
i love this place\

As a Canadian visiting Walsall Walk I found it most enjoyable watching the people and the every day goings on. Kind of miss it when you live in the sticks in New Brunswick, Canada

I have just read about the no smoking in public places ban.How realistic will it be to police that? How can smoking in pubs be banned? Non food places should still be smoking.

Dean Wood
Learnt all i know about skating at the WS2 Skate park and made some great friends along the way i first thourght it would be intimidating if you couldnt skate but every one was sharing tips and tricks. Its gonna be boring with out it around so SAVE IT !

i bet the bloke who designed the bus station doesnt wait for the 301 when its raining hard

save walsall skatie!!!!!11

tim baker
nice pictures

picture 48, WS2 has given us all some great friends and to knock this place down now and having to wait for a year for another to be built is insane, The building development is in breach of Article 106 which says the building development MUST give money to help move us!!!

Walsall is a very nice place to shop in the day and an excellent place to go and enjoy a night out. The best town in the west midlands.

Hey I think thats me in the middle of pic 34! WOW I look thin and younger. Yeah Go Walsall!

hi i thinhk walsall is a great place .but familys have to travel to birmingham nec and the nia to see concerts , why cant we have a place near to walsall to watch concerts instead og goin to birmingham nec and the nia.walsall have or the west midlands have got some nice places to visit.i lived was a walsall since 1983 and i like the west midlands because there is so much to do like fishing footballing snooker pool go for a drink go on bike rides. thats y i like were i live.

I'm Walsall born and bred and I love the place!

bloxwich should be more fun like to have more pubs and clubs bloxwich is going boreing xx jessie xx

John. B
Walsall town is great, but the people there are terrible. Why are you fire fighting instead of enforcing the already laws, such as litter dropping and anti-social-behaviour. Walsall has a really good shopping centre, but a minority group make it a place not to visit. Wake up Walsall and act be-fore there are many more like myself who have had enough and will look to GET OUT

Left Walsall in around 1990 and moved to Tyneside. Walsall seemes to have changed and looks nice, but some of the pics shown it could be any town! Loved the pics of the market tho' and bridge street..nice to see somethings haven't changed too much..

Ken Pomlett
I'm a Walsallian but now live in Perth W.Australia. I don't recognise Walsall from the photographs. There seems to be an emphasis on the changing scene, but Walsall to me is far more interesting looking back. Would have liked to have seen pictures of the White Hart and St.Michael's church in Caldmore, Hanch Place,the Old brewery in Highgate, Gorway and the cricket club, many of the old pubs...need I go on. Still love the place and the people.

dudley needs more shops and more clubs like that gal sed ages 12-16 but dudley is still tha best x x x x x x x x x

Bob Surch
I was born in Walsall in 1949 and lived there untill emigrating to Africa in 1973 and then to Canada in 1976. I have not benn able to get back for a visit since 1985 but looking at the pictures brought back great memories. Boating in the Arbouretum, Saturday trips with my Mom to the Walsall market and many others. I still have family there and will surely visit soon

john michael
pic no 50 . caption reads that it was once the site of a bridge . The bridge still is a bridge , the rive Tame actually runs under it.

A lot of change now in 2007, no sainsburys up the marketand no scate park.But other than that a good sample of walsall

walsall doesnt have many opportuninties for the young actually it doesnt have many opportuninties at all for people espesially when it comes to performing arts and acting and things like that thats why people in that role have to move out of walsall to pursuit there career unless your carrer is in a factory or warehouse walsall is like one big toilet! it need a dramatic change! and thats from someone who is born and raised in walsall but the longer i stay here the more i hate it and i do t5hings that i dnt really want to do nut hey thats justthe way it is

we need more clubs for 15- 18s

Don't Knock this amazing place down, its the only safe place there is in Walsall, please please don't after all the suspence, DON'T!

i never really knew the history of walsall until i viewed this site, and its helped me with my coursework soo all in all walsall is not so bad after all.

walsall is ok but birmingham city is way better when it comes to shopping

linda windsor
I was born and lived in Walsall for approx 21 years although some of the pictures were quite good I do have to say that there should be much more to Walsall than portrayed. Actually some of the pictures made the place look very drab and uninviting for potential visitors. Walsall is steeped in history - portray it please!!

Re-Jane Perkins...I live in Walsall and was born's OK...but give me Cardiff any day!..Cardiff, now there's a place that's going places! BTW where was the hippo?

mark bradbury
look further in to walsall history to be honest im not impressed i have lived here for 25 years look more at canals !

pity there is no hippo pics!! sad about the skate park we need more places for teens and children to go no more art galleries or museums we have as many as birmingham and thats a city!! more things to get youth off the streets and well done the saddlers!!! keep it up!!!

Nice to see Walsall doing well; so many changes!At least Where is the ABC? Or have I been gone too long?

haha i love the picture of me on the steps

The pictures are brill... They capture walsall so well... I have always lived in walsall and cannot think of a better town to grow up in... Im just glad my baby can have the same good experiences i had in walsall... Its got everything i need to agree with sandeep all it needs now is a nandos.. hehehe...

jane perkins
Thankyou for the pictures. I was brought up in Willenhall next door and it is so good to see Walsall looking well. Can l see any pictures of Willenhall please. I live in Cardiff now.

Brings back memories, nice to see the old place, up the saddlers!!!!!!

Sandeep (San)
I love walsall.. Its the best.. I live in walsall all my mates live here too.. Its got a good town centre which provides everything except Nando's! thats the only thing we need to add! n e ways jus wanna say hi to my sis Man, my frineds Pinkle, pep, raj, Urvs and Shanara... Lovin Walsall! oh and love the pictures you took...

ur skatepark is wicked please do not shut it down

jenny worley
where is the hippo?!? how could you miss it?

G Derrix
Thanks for sharing the pics of Walsall

I love walsall its always been my home town.. Walsall town centre has improved so much. everything is now updated!

say my name say my name
the paddock area of walsall is great with the paddock flats park.

the villa fans
the roads are rubbish .people throw rubbish everywhere ,other than that its ok.

Daniels thought
I think that walsall has always been a well presented and gran town, even being from America, i never can say a bad owrd about it to my family in new york.

I love england, but I'm from Italy. This summer I'm going to Walsall And it is very nice.


debs new invention
i thought it was lovely seing the pictures it would have been nice to have seen some more old buildings,its a shame the skate park is going there is not enough for the young people to do in walsall or surrounding areas.

Walsall what can i say, i come from Walsall i had some good times i had some bad I had just left school school W R Wheway ,when my parents moved that was many years ago but i miss my hometown and am proud to have lived there i would go back tomorow but i have family here now in Dudley

yo show me sum chuckery pics

Paul Tompkins
I've lived in Walsall for most of my life. I move to Kingston Upon Thames to study music and haven't been back for a while now. It was good seing some pictures, bring a few memories back and what not! Still cant believe there's a website with pictures of Walsall in it!

Stacie .M. R
This is great you should keep the pic's coming its great. lolxxx

nakita devey
i think it either should be shut down and built as something else or it stays open

I have been born in walsall, and still now am in Walsall, love it here, and when if i do move, i will never forget my family and Walsall where i lived and my house there! :)

phil b
i have heard that the ws2 skatepark may be closing. i have signed a petition to stop it from being noked down. phil b.15 CAN YOU DU SUMUT BOUT IT PLES???????

I am now living in Australia but my forebears LENTON settled in walsall in 1863 from Northampton.I am now 55 yo and still home is were the heart is,we weree told at Croft St School that WE WERE BAALCK COUNTRY BOYS AND GIRLS AND TO BE PROUD OF IT,after 55 yrs are we not black country boys and girls??????

mike bye
oh my god walsall skatepark is totally awsome i've been there once and thought is it was wicked. I managed to learn a lot of tricks there and now i'm even better. yo i'm outa here man peace !!!!! thanx for reading. and have fun out there every one .

Ok, they are closing the skate park. When they have done this all they will be complaining about is the amount of skaters around walsall town center because they have nowhere else to go, because they closed down the one place they actually had to go and skate. Walsall isnt very good a place to go now, you close that down and it basically has nothing.

hayley holmes
walsall is great, a good mixture of old and new, what has happened to the market though, it used to be from the church down to the town. Now only seems to be half of one.

richard redwood
it is educational to see all of the changes to walsall.i live in union,missouri.USA and have lived in the states for 40 yrs.walsall was where i worked from 15 until i was 21.i also attended the old art school on goodall st.

i agree with the dude at the bottom, u missed the hippo:O the skate park is awesome the rest is rubbish apart from the skate shopan music shops

roy gallagher
i'm 61 year old i was born in caldmore,walsall then was in south staffs and not part of the black counry but thing change and history changed

walsall all-round
not only is the town center is the football club....walsall f.c till i die!

Walsall is cool! got to give a shout out to wayne wayne though...what a guy! his in the red box selling papers!

walsall Student at walsall college
i am 17 and lived in walsall all my life i think its a great toen and i love it :)

How Walsall has changed and not for the better didn't like the block of concrete called the art gallery. Time to stop and think before the town is totally wrecked. History has no meaning for the planners else why turn an ancient Moat into a car park.

I enjoy when I saw all the nice place im wasall walk

Cost One miilion pounds to run. Not worth it.

margaret collier
Just wanted to say I think Walsall is a great place love the shops,history.Please do not destroy,as many of the old black country towns have been,Dudley,Oldbury

emma casey
i think it is totaly cool!!!!! keep it up!!!:)

omg its ste

Wheres the saddler center?

Mick Webster
I've lived in Walsall all my life, 60 years, and sometimes envy people who have 'moved'. Reading some of the comments, I realise that wherever people may travel to, they still have feeling of nostalgia for their place of birth. Sites like this allow wanderers to keep in touch with their roots. It also allows me to rediscover things that I may have,until now,taken for granted. Thank You.

walsall born and bread
it seems a few people have moved from walsall 2 AUSTRALIA, they should come back 1 day and visit their roots THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME. great pics by the way

no way!!!!!!!!! you took a piccy of my m8s! AWESOME! the podium is always full of us guys! hehe! cool.

I have lived in walsall for 30 years. If you want a school in walsall go to Chuckery primary school.

Marc Henham
Wow the Arboritum looks gorgeous; the last time I was there (I'm now 51) was when I was just 5 years old! For I was born in Walsall, subsequently moved down to Worthing and have been living in Brussels for years. I wish I could spot something familiar in the town centre but it seems to have changed too much since the late fifties. I mean to go back one day and try to locate our old house in Cartbridge Lane.

Andrew Stanley
Great photos. My family lived in the town from 1790's till the 1960's working in the leather trade. I can recommrnd a visit to the leather museum.

Rob Marston
Viewing this having grown up in Walsall but now living in Sydney Australia, these photos paint Walsall in a pretty decent picture, well done. Walsall has changed a lot over the years and every time I come back there is a new oone way system or fancy bar. Whilst still a poor cousin to happening Birmingham, in time I hope Walsall can be rescued....

Steve Eldridge
Great idea. Could you do some walks around Little Bloxwich and Pelsall for nostalgia's sake. As a former resident of Little Bloxwich now living in Australia it would be appreciated by my family and myself.

walsall town can be better

tony kemshall
The Crossing at St Paul's is a key town centre buidling.Victorian on the outside and a super example inside of what regeneration in a town centre can please

Dominic Owen
Excellent photo's of only a few nice areas of the town. Good job you didnt take the rest of the town.

thank you for helping me with my homework. your photos were a great help

Elaine jackson
why are there no pictures of the tourist information centre in walsall, i work there surprised nothing on this walsall site.

Trevor Brown
Thanks for the photos of Walsall My wife and I where Married there in Sun St forty years ago next week we now live in Queensland Australia thanks for the memories

jane philips
the photo of neville lewis and son is lovely, how lovely to see father and son spending quality time together in a gorgeous park.This is rarely seen and should be hounered.

linda blewitt
its nice to look of pictures of walsall on the internet can not get out to walk about to see all the changes, its changed a lot

Mrs. J.Marston
Nothaving been ableto get into town for some years, I was very pleased to be able to wander through Walsall via the internet. More please..

Ciarán, BBC
Hello Ian. A good point, well made. If you'll send in a pic of the hippo we'd publish it. If you'd write a poem about the hippo, we'd consider publishing that as well... thank you.

Ian Reynolds
Fifty photos and not one of the hippo - a missed opportunity.

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