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28 October 2014

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Triangular UFO

Triangular UFO

UFO witness appeal - update

Footage captured on film of the UFO is 'unusable' according to cameraman yet more witnesses come forward.


A triangular UFO in the sky

Local people have been contacting the largest UFO group in the Midlands - UFORM - claiming to have seen an unexplained aircraft in the sky, following an appeal by the organisation for witnesses.

The giant triangular craft was seen by various people around the Black Country on the evening of Wednesday 28th November 2007 at around 7.00pm.

Quinton-based Craig Lowe managed to film around 30 seconds of footage of the UFO before contacting UFORM. The group runs a 24 hour hotline for people to report strange phenomena.

Unfortunately, Craig's film is inconclusive. He said:


Flying saucer UFO

"The footage is just too dark to see anything of substance, really. I'm not a professional cameraman by any means and it is really hard to capture anything clearly in the dark.

"The problem was I was trying to film a black object against a black background.

"It was a large, black triangle. My girfriend witnessed it too and was equally as puzzled."

Despite the lack of conclusive video evidence, Chairman of UFORM Steve Poole remains steadfast in his belief that the sighting was credible. He said:

"It's a shame that the footage didn't come out better but I still believe that this was a genuine sighting due to the amount of people who've independently come forward describing this object at around the same time.

"We'd still love to hear from more people. I know several witnesses called into BBC WM after our appeal and we'd love to hear from them and anyone else. They can remain anonymous if they like."

To contact UFORM:


UFORM - or UFO Research Midlands - was set up in 1995 by Steve Poole to coincide with the massive increase in UFO sightings in the West Midlands.

Steve Poole and Yvonne South

Steve Poole and Yvonne South of UFORM

Now committee-run with dozens of members, the group holds monthly meetings in Stourbridge with internationally renowned guest speakers, hosts sky-watches and acts as the leading research organisation in the area for anyone interested in the UFO phenomenon.

To learn more about UFORM, click the link below:

Please note: the images on this page are do not relate to the object witnessed in this story.

last updated: 04/12/07

You are in: Black Country > Features > More features > UFO witness appeal - update

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