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28 October 2014

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Bantock House Billiard Room

Civic Pride - based on Billiard Room

Three For The Weekend

Stuck for something to do over the next few days? Have a look at Three For The Weekend.

Bantock House in the Black Country

The drama moves around Bantock House

Drama: Civic Pride, Bantock House, W’ton

Why is it? An embittered, embattled, enriched ex-wife of an ex-international songster cries "Infamy, infamy - they’ve all got it in for me!" and every Tom and Dick (but not Harry, he didn’t shoot that bird - nowhere to be seen, governor) sticks her on the telly. But take a new, creative, inventive and highly professional bit of drama specially written for a Black Country venue - and it passes without a whisper.

Make sure you’re not part of the conspiracy - don’t miss this chance to have a look at Jefny Ashcroft’s latest piece, on until Saturday. They tell me it’s called a promenade piece in the business; that means you have to walk about a bit to follow the action - nineteenth century action about a new billiard room, electricity, cars and a wicked brother named Walter - around Bantock House. Which is a great escape route if you’re stuck between Mr Arbuckle and the Roly Polys.

The truth is - if the likes of you and me don’t pull our fingers out and support ventures like this, we ain’t gonna get them in the future. And, if you know any teachers of 10-13 year olds, there’s also the chance to book a play (with the same professionals involved) set 40 years earlier if you get in touch with Jane James on 01902 552197. Couldn’t be better - don’t let me hear you saying the BBC never gives you anything.

Fri 2/Sat 3 Nov, 2007  7.30 Bantock House 01902 552195 info 552061 £7 (£4 concs)

Exhibition: Colosseum, Wednesbury art gallery

Okay, okay - the boss, so it’s been said, reckons there’s far too much focus on "free stuff" here. Now, youngster, let’s not get into a debate about the definition of "free" in a twenty first century market economy - that is an endless, "Why did we pick Steve McLaren anyway?" type debate. Anyway, he knows he won’t win - the keys to the chocolate cupboard are in my drawer.

Roman Soldier

Roman Soldier

Let’s stick to Romans in Wednesbury. For you jesters who haven’t yet had a good look at this one, and encouraged the little people to make armour and stuff, give this one the once over. For a couple of hours, must be better than pretending you’re interested in window shopping "the Roman way."

Anyway, creates that chance you’ve been putting off for ages to investigate a bit of local history; while they’re making a centurion mask, you can nip into the canteen (must be near the local studies section - and the vending machine) for some aqua vitae to show off your Latin credentials.(My mate says the Romans used to call football ‘toga’ - is that true? Ed)

Until Saturday 3 November, 2007 Wednesbury museum 2-5pm Free 0121 556 0683

Event: Tug of war, Harry Mitchell leisure centre

As an end-piece, this one comes in ranking around ‘seven’ for ‘potentially explosive’: mainly because they’re not the type of lads who would respond to having the Michael taken with enormous pleasure. This is not a Christmas or fun fair mess about; this is proper stuff.

tuf of war2


So, in truth, it’s not - what do they call it in modern parlance - interactive. Perhaps if you are serious about your strength, you might say mad about muscles, then the event organisers will be able to give you some sensible advice about clubs and how to get into the sport.

But even if, like me, you really do struggle to punch your way out of the handiest satsuma bag, this could be an hour or so well spent - watching the power brokers heave their way to satisfaction. Fans of the strongest man in the world really must drop in at Harry Mitchell’s over the coming Sundays.

Every Sunday until 25 November, 2007 10-5 pm. Free to watch 0121 558 2973

last updated: 02/11/07

You are in: Black Country > Features > More features > Three For The Weekend

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