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24 September 2014

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Josef Stawinoga

Josef Stawinoga

Goodbye Josef

Wolverhampton's famous 'ring road tramp' Josef Stawinoga has died at the age of 87. Share your memories of 'Fred' here.

Josef Stawinoga

Josef Stawinoga

Josef Stawinoga, known as 'Fred', lived in a tent on the central reservation of Wolverhampton's ring road for more than 40 years.

A Polish immigrant who spoke little English, Josef became a cult hero in Wolverhampton, he has a Facebook fan group dedicated to him and is even revered by some as a saint, despite a past shrouded in mystery.

He spent almost half a century as an eccentric, yet accepted part of Wolverhampton's community.  His unconventional lifestyle was monitored by Wolverhampton Council who delivered hot meals and provided replacement tents.

Josef's tent

Josef's home

Wolverhampton City Council released a statement following the death of Mr Stawinoga on Sunday 28th October 2007:

"Everyone is very saddened to hear of the death of Josef Stawinoga. He was part and parcel of life in the city for decades and people took him to their hearts. He was a true character and Wolverhampton won't be quite the same without him.

The council was able to support Mr Stawinoga to live the lifestyle he chose and we provided him with twice-daily meals on wheels, replaced his tent when necessary and generally kept an eye on his well-being.

We will have to wait and see if any next of kin or friends come forward and say they will organise the funeral, but if nobody does then the council will make the necessary arrangements."

Read and listen to more about Josef Stawinoga

Funeral service

The funeral of Mr Josef Stawinoga will take place on Thursday, November 15th, 2007, at 2.30pm in the West Chapel at Bushbury Crematorium.

The Funeral Director is the Co-operative Funeral Service, St Marks Road, Chapel Ash, Wolverhampton.

Although Wolverhampton City Council has facilitated the funeral arrangements all the costs will be met from the estate of the deceased.

Anyone wishing to pay their respects to the deceased need to be aware that the West Chapel can only accommodate a maximum of 80 mourners therefore access to the Chapel will be closed once that many people have arrived.

Due to capacity limits in the West Chapel, plus health and safety considerations, the city council is respectfully suggesting that only those people who personally knew and had contact with Mr Stawinoga attend the service.

Any groups or organisations wishing to pay their respects are politely requested to restrict their representation to just one person.

last updated: 12/11/07

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Share your memories of 'Fred' here:

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Oh Dear.He is dead.He was my Best Friend...i would take food && try to talk to him.He should SOOOO have a funeral...and i will make a speech.Miss You Freddy Lad

sarah coyne
iv always passed your tent, on the ring road ever since i can remember, i dont live in wolverhampton, but all my family do, and every month my parents and i used to drive through wolvo, to see my grandparents, i'll always remember you standing there by chapel ash church with your broom, and my dad said 'oh look theres the tramp' which at a young age,i thought u mustv had a name, i never knew people called you fred. and when i grew up, you were still there for me to share you with my eldest sorry that your life has ended, but i hope and pray that you have a new life in heaven, i dont know if you wanted to be remembered as an icon but you were definatley loved by in peace josef (FRED)miss you already, the ring road is very empty.

i love his hair

Hollie smith
I miss him so much, he wazs the best, my nan was in love with him xx

Adil Hussain
i used to live by him and talk to him u'll be missed

Dave the rave
There used to be a bloke in my town who lived in the churchyard for 20 years. He had a funeral and little fuss was made. I think we should honour our local legends, the legacy of Martin our local hobo stil talkd about today

Danny b
Nice old geezer! Rip

we will all miss you freddy xx

i dont live in wolverhampton but i go up there all the time and everytime i see his tent i smile because i no he was happy with his life style but when i heard he passed away i was sad and said god bless you fredand you deserve a place in heaven may the lord be with you x x rest in peace

Kirsten && sally :)
noo wayyy...gutted :(...jus wow be tha same no more...used 2 always drive pass 2 have a gormmm... ul be missed kiddo x x

fred u were a ledgendary bloke. /////

Stevie Keates
So very, very sorry to hear the sad news. I never knew you or even spoke to you, but I used to drive past your home ever weekday, and always used to look for you.You represented so much to so many people. You are already missed deeply.

charanjeet basi &charlotte harris
i saw u when i drove past how could u survive the cold winter you are a brave man bless yaa fred you the part ov wolverhampton that makes it shine 40 years wow thank you love charanjeet and charlotte

Wyatt Power
You will be missed.

Fred *cry* we will miss u!!u r my hero!!!! :)

jake will me missed wolverhampton will never be the same.

R.I.P U WELL BE MISSED I all was ask me mom and dad to drive pass so i could see him i think he was great xx

jake will me missed

R.I.P bab :( xxxxxxxxx

glynn mcwilliams
wolverhampton commuters will have 2 adapt to you not being there fred r.i.p.

i live in wolverhampton and theres flowers where his tent was thats how inportant he is cuz its wolverhamptons hart its sad to see him go bye josef a.k.a fred xxxx

good bye fred you were part of worlverhampton xx bibi

I met Fred once in around 1972 when he used to walk around the (then) town centre.He never spoke to anyone.He looked so bad that I gave him a note.He looked at me in a very odd way,did not want to put his hand out to take the note and I walked away embarrassed as he stood there with the note stuck to his hand.I later realised that my act of kindness was actually disrespectful as cash was no longer a part of Fred"s life.Neither was trust in humanity.Fred is described as a tramp or a vagrant.Hats off to the understanding members of Wolves council who recognised that Fred was neither of these things.He had had a mental breakdown,no longer trusted humanity and could no longer live indoors.Fred wanted to live to life of a hermit,not the life of a vagrant or tramp.Shame on the Polish lady who,many years ago,visited him and spoke to him to the point of him trusting her.The result of that was an article about him in the Express and Star which was a complete invasion of his privacy. I groaned in disbelief at that article.Shame on you,whoever you are!!Do you blame Fred,when he,yet again,trusted a human,only for his trust to be violated?And to the sceptics on this site.Sadly,many ,if not most of modern day "vagrants" have a history of drug or alcohol abuse.Fred has none of these.That"s why he lived to be so old.I wonder why we Wulfrunians named him Fred.Was it because of another iconic presence in the town all those years ago.Another disturbed,harmless war hero,"Fred the thrower" was his name.He used to walk along normally,reach a corner,duck and pull the pin out of an imaginary granade which he then threw with an upward arm movement.Is this why we Wulfrunians called Fred Fred?

saw him on my way to the wolves home matches i shall be going tomorrow but he will no longer be there r.i.p bud xxxxxx

Every Sunday I used to pass the ring rode and see the tramps tent. I'm sorry he's dead, and I shall miss him alot. I hope they put a stone to remeber him by.R.I.P

you were so brave and you allways stood by yourself bye fred miss you loads marie

Tom evens
i miss him so much and it is sad to see his tent go...x


i always left food and drink for him i hoped he enjoyed it as much as i did knowing i helped him i even one year gave him a blanket i am so sad hearing about wat has happened we all miss youj

:( im very sad i miss him even tho i neva saw him oh dear dear me :(

i saw he lived a friend drove me passed and said he had been their for thiry years at that time sorry to hear of his death.

maybe he died cos he couldnt cope with the celebrity - for whatever reason....

R.I.P fred i seen him when i drove down there wid my dad he was great sweep the road for the Council R.I.P fred u will be never forgotten sadly that Council will miss him and sadly missed

There are many things you cannot rely on in this world but Fred on the central reservation of Wolverhamptons ring road is one thing that could be counted on.RIP Fred. I hope your nice and warm xxx

Just part of the town landscape for nearly all my life.But ought we not investigate whether or not he has SS tattoos/blood ID marks before his mortal remains are laid to rest?

Ale-Shaa & Nay-Dine...
you will be dearly missed..we are veryy sadd that u have gne..x

Tara Penelope
He will be dearly missed, as he has lived in our home town for 30 years in a tent. R.I.P Freddy welll misseeddd :(:(xXxXxXx

Fred was by bestest buddie and i am very sad he has gone now xxx

Stacey Anderson
My mother always used to threaten to drop me off with Fred if i was ever naughty. :) R.I.P

adam bache
legend mate true legend

lawson bliss
he was a great guy only saw him a few times i felt sorry for him ill miss you

anya tusti
he was a very good guy he was a lovely guy good bye

Rob Link
i hope he has a gd time in heaven because he was a good bloke. I saw him a few times and everytime i saw him i felt sorry for him and he helped the comunity well. GOOD BYE JOSEF

such ashame r.i.p fred what a sad thing for the council to take the memory of the tent man so soon its just sick and thay should be ashamed get a grip you wolverhampton council

i miss him

Lil Emzie..!*
Ever since i was born i knew about him living in wolverhampton. Hes been there for decades and we will all miss him sadly! =[xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

jade ov dudley
well u neva gonna be forgot thats for sure wolvo will neva be the same r.i.p m8 x

i didnt know fred but i heard about him when i was a kid and was always amazed that he lived the way he did i agree the council should put a memorial on the island to rember fred if the council can waste money on stupid speed bumps and mini islands. R I P OLD CHAP DES

Your Name:
Why was there a sky dish outside his tent?

r.i.p uncle albert of wolvo

kerry and mick
rip old man.we all have a past and if people speak of you in a nasty manner then their voices arent worth listening to.all things happen for a reason.

When i first heard that fred had died it bought tears to my eyes. even though i didn't know him it still made me sad. it was nice that he kept the area round him tidy and he was a fabulous person for who he was. i think we should make a memorial were he lived for 30 years. we will miss you fred. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Josh Seddon
R.I.P Fred You Was a Legend

i am very sad that josef die i saw it in the news.he should be remembered

So all these people below who didn't know him from Adam are now saying that "best tramp eva" or "Wolverhampton legend" etc, where were you on freezing nights offering help or food? Nowhere thats where! I am not going to be a hypocrite and i think some people should step off the bandwagon. Yes, some of you were his friends and helped him whenever and you should be congratulated, but most of you only know him by laughing as you drove past or by joining his Facebook page. Ok, its a shame he's died and a nice plaque somewhere would be fitting but lets not go over the top as its me and you who are paying.

tara armstrong
i would like to say that fred was really remembered. when my children first saw them they wanted to have a funeral and say goodbye because they loved him.


james rowley
omg i cant belive its finaly happend i love youu laods and am goin 2 miss u :'(one day we will meet again freddy baby good byer.i.px x x x x x x

Liz B
Aside from a minority of vitriolic comments, how touching it is to read of the affection and compassion for this man and his lifestyle. I have increased faith in humanityand Wolverhampton's people and Council should be proud of themselves

Lynne. Mansfield
I have never met this old gentleman ,I saw the news of his death on T.V.I am so impressed by the warm-hearted people of Wolverhampton and the good sense of the local council and Social Services who have supported him in the lifestyle he chose.Somehow,I don't think our local council would be so intelligent.As for the supposed S.S.connection,it really no longer matters,even if it were true, which I doubt.There is no'one who can honestly say they have led a blameless life and War drives people to desperate acts. RIP Josef,and thanks to Wolverhampton council for getting this one right!

The cult of celebrity strikes again...So many comments idolising a man we knew nothing about.The fact we know: He was a vagrant living in a tent on the ring road.The so called facts we choose to believe: He was in the SS, he was a prisoner of war, he was a monster.It is a poor reflection of today's society that the so called facts of his earlier life have only emerged now.I say no to a memorial, but not because of what he might have done, but because of what we know he did. He was a tramp after all & unless we want to glorify the homeless lifestyle for our children, leave him be - A memory, unique to each who knew him or saw him.

i used to get so excited when we drove past him when i was a little girl, i used to think about him when it rained

Fred, you will be missed, just won't be the same when I drive past where you lived, part of Wolves has gone, rest in peace x

OK, to all those sniping at Fred because he was in the SS. Yes he was, and sadly some people have chosen to say horrible things about him. Yes he did regret what he did and all these people have no understanding of World War II whatsoever. Everyone is different. No wonder we never found out about his past before he died. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

David Wilson
I never knew you but rest in peace.

so more money from the rate payers of Wolverhampton is now paying for the ring road eyesores funeral??????

Julie Venn
I remember passing the ring road, quite new to the area, when a friend said 'look over there a tramp lives there, sometimes you will get a glimpse of him'. I thought he was pulling my leg! Sure enough, the old man was outside sweeping! He must have been content in his own way, with very little materialistically - unlike most these days?! I felt tempted to join him being passionate about camping! God Bless, Rest In Peace zzzz xxx

fred a true great wolves will never be the same sorely missed u legend rip

SS! enough said

lisa mcwilliams
didnt know u but i always looked 4 u in wolvo wen i drove through ,it was your home r.i.p.ill always remain thinking of you when i drive through

I work in BT office and he was living very close. Though he looks scruffy,he used to clean the our car park/surroundings very clean and is always a quite and good man.Praying God for his soul to RIP.

Jag Basra
I went pass in the car and saw a tent i knew it was cousins where from cannada and we saw him come out off his tent for the first time.there was this man dressed as a chicken giving him some bread i saw josef eating eat and we horned a t him he smiled and waved

It's so sad to here that Fred has died. I would look out for him everytime I drove passed. It's brilliant to know that so many people thought and cared about him.

i moved recently and i was one of the last to find out :( i agree put up a memorial

Jasek Rawicz
I knew Joseph's wife and it was because she left him that he had a breakdown and became a vagarant.It had nothing to do with serving penance because of alleged war matters.The war,like for most Poles,had an effect on his mind.It is hard to imagine having a 100% normal life after the events of WW2.

Maybe he was in SS, maybe he wasn't, maybe that's why he lived in the ring road, and mabe it had nothing to do with it. We will never know the full story. He will be missed as a legend of Wolverhampton. I do think it was wrong and an invasion of his privacy for someone to set up a facebook page with photos of him - I don't suppose he ever gave his permission.

Josef was indeed part of the SS but also at one point a polish prisoner of war! you should not disrespect him cause of his nazi collegues he paid his price!

R.I.P Josef wolverhampton will never forget you!

This is not an attack on FRED all I can say about him is I knew him as a very popular, eccentric man who a lot of people cared for so RIP Fred.But the hypocrasy of people in this country never ceases to amaze me. I constantly hear people moaning about immigrants who can't be bothered to learn our language, also (if there is any substance to the story) then he may have been an SS trooper and no matter what the circumstances, he may have had a suspect past, as many Poles were anti semetic in WW2. this all comes near to the anniversary when we commemorate our own war heroes.So I can't believe we are talking of erecting monuments, its sheer hypocritical. Again I re-iterate nothing against Fred as a person, I hope he is going to a better place. But I wish people would get abit of consistency in their views.

when people think of wolverhampton they think of ezra the cowboy and the tramp these people make wolverhamptn great rip

To those making negative comments. Please.... do not judge until you have walked one mile in his shoes. He never scrounged anything from people in the town. He was humble. Never any bother. The press do get things wrong sometimes remember!!!!! Shock, horror! Rest easy gentle soul.

mad lil selina, parkies
God bless, our ol frend fred.without a smile n a tear, our fred will alwayz be ea, on the ring rd day n night, our freds spirit is der, jus outta sight. sad it is wolves wont be the same. we'll mis u fred its such a shame. R.I.P. FRED, an adorable, harmless character has gone, he's in a betta place nw, in the weirdest way he truly shone. miss u FRED, the best tramp eva. xxxxxxxx

Part of Wolverhampton is now missing. RIP.

Goodbye fred, rest in peace

It's so good to read that others will miss Josef and how well he was repected. Well done to the council and to everyone who helped him and allowing Josef to be himself.

Kate Cansdale
It's going to be very different without 'Fred' there, there's no doubt about that... As a little girl, I always used to try and peer in the tent because I had no idea who lived in there. Think a memorial may be going a little to overboard, seeing as we barely knew anything about him or what he stood for but he will definitely be remembered. R.I.P

In this day and age of homogenous town centres with engulfing shops and vast road networks, Fred’s passing demonstrates that it’s the people and the characters of our towns and cities that really make them what they are. I can remember Fred being there ever since I was child. Looking out for him as dad drove past or when we were on the bus. Living as he did is surely penance enough for any wrongs in his past (if any). Thanks for the memories Fred, RIP.

r.i.p m8

To those commenting on Fred's past, it might be worth considering the fact that Poland was invaded by Germany when Fred was just a boy and many Poles were forced to fight. The world had seen nothing on the scale of WWII and the atrocities that would be committed-we will never know what he, and others like him, had to do to survive but it clearly cost him dearly. Many stories of people like Fred are now passing out of living memory so rather than posting some tabloid knee jerk reaction on some 2nd hand story, spare a thought for the lesson he left us, of what that awful conflict did to some of his generation. I for one hope he's finally found peace. You've been there all my life, you'll be missed Fred. X

Adam T
i used to see him when i was coming home from a wolves game, cleaning up what dirtied the roads. RIP dude :(

Fred will be missed, having lived in this particular area of Wolverhampton for many years, Fred was always seen by the front of his tent sweeping the grass. God bless you Fred, may you rest in peace.

He was a polish soldier who fought for our freedom and yours. Why does bbc say he was in SS. I know for the fact that some poles from the west of my were puted in to wermaht forces they didn;t have choice either bullet or wermaht and eastern front especialy that germans were short of troopers so a lot of prisoners of war was forced to do so especialy if they came from western part of poland and had some german blood in them but SS I cannot belive mayby it is a story which came from some anti emmigrants head ?I appologise for my english I know it is poor but I am FROM POLAND

Irene Sharp
Why dig the dirt now let sleeping dogs lie he has paid for what ever he did self inposed prision is not fun.

u dont the the mans story and ur talking like ur glad his dead. u sick

Kirsty Richards
I loved him so much!

Courtney Allen

I think some people should actually read-up on what the SS actually did in WW2. I've only just heard this morning about Mr Stawinoga, I don't know anything about him, but I suspect he lived his life like this because he wanted to hide his past.

i live in newcastle upon tyne but after reading the story today on the bbc website it really touches me to hear what happened and i hope he has a better life up there

I knew Fred 23 and a half years ago when I was working in Wolverhampton. He was a legend and will be sorely missed. R.I.P Fred

St Johns Ring Road will never be the same.If you take a look at google earth and zoom into St John's Ring Road you can just make out Fred's tent through the trees.Rest in peace mate our thoughts are with you.

Lisa C
'Fred' was as iconic to Wolverhampton as the Molineux, the Civic and 'The Man On The Black Horse'. Like many others, I'm sure my head will continue to turn instinctively as I drive down the ring road, to try and catch a glimpse of the famous tramp, even now he's gone. Let's not forget that all of this talk of his 'SS' past has only come to light now he can't answer for himself. I think it's really sad that someone would try to tarnish the memory of a person who chose to live a quiet humble life for many years.Let's allow him to rest in peace.

Alex L
They said on the radio this morning that he imposed this life on the ring road himself to pay for being a Nazi. His life on the ring road was too good for him. This man deserved less than he had. Good riddance to bad garbage.

Nobody know the full story of him being in the SS. All that matters is the man we knew and loved (never harming anybody) for the past 30 years. Whether these stories are true or not he's paid his penance since, he clearly had 'issues' which he dealt with in a very lonely way.Give him a memorial as he is part of Wolves history.RIP Fred

goodbye forever my freind R.I.P

Arghhh.....fred will be missed! All my life he has been on the ring road, as a child i remember seeing him! He will be missed!!

erect a memorial to a Nazi? What next a Hitler statue in Walsall?

we will miss you fred

i never new the guy cos im from poole but i saw him on the news this morning he looks scary but i could imagine he was a nice man r.i.p x

He was a legend in his own life inspiration. RIP.

It's a shame that the individual feels the need to attempt to tarnish this man's memory in order to gain some cheap publicity. Everyone has a past and no one can be 100% proud of everything they have done, some more so than others admittedly but war is war and 35 years on, get over you small minded individuals. Let the man rest in peace.

we will miss you fred. i will miss driving past and seeing if u where there. you where a good man and we will never forget you

His memories and death has been tarnished by the fact he was in the SS. No man is ever forgivable for those acts.

Sarah Lloyd
Fred was a special part of Wolverhampton. It seems strange to think that there will be Wulfrunian children who grow up without him in their lives.Let's not forget him.

I can't believe he has died what a shame! Its gonna be wierd not seeing his tent there! Did he just die of old age?


John Evans
I saw Fred (Josef) on my way into the office most days of the week, he was never any problem to anyone.I used to wave to him, but he only waves back a few times.Gooby Fred rest in peace.

What a lovely old fella, may he rest in peace. It just goes to show that there is still some compassion left in this country so well done to the people of Wolverhampton for taking 'Fred' into your lives. Londoners take note!

no name
how can you make a hero out of an ex SS squater?

r.i.p nit nite fred

He would always be seen sweeping the leaves around the tent at rush hour. The ring road will never be the same. Only in wolverhampton.

He was what makes Wolverhampton what it is, I'm sure people will miss seeing his tent, and I bet he would be glad to know how much people care.

I think they should leave the tent there as a memorial. With a statue of the legend himself... Fred you will be so dearly missed.. R.I.P mate... lotsa love.. Our Lady And St Chads R.C Sports College.

bless his soul, we need something on the ring road so he will be remembered for always and ever xx

i was shocked and sad to here of his death, he will be missed. Wolverhampton will never feel the same again.

R.I.P Legend

Benjamin Watkins
An iconic figure in Wolverhampton, known to all but ironically very few knew him, he will be sadly missed in this city, but never forgotten, R.I.P. "Fred"

goodnight and godbless

Fred, was an absolute legend! RIP! wolverhampton will not be the same without you, you affected so many of us, and bought a smile to our faces many times, we will all dearly miss you and seeing your tent on the ring road, no one could ever replace you, and wolverhamton will never be the same with out you! Good night and God Bless. x

Fred has been living on Wolverhampton Ring Road for as long as I can remember, I even remember him from when I was a child. Most people in W'ton knew of him and W'ton will just not be the same now he has gone. Despite what the press are saying about him being an SS Officer he was a decent person and never wanted to be a burden to anyone. He was thought of by many people and will be sadly missed. Rest in Peace Fred. The people of Wolverhampton will miss you.

R.I.P, u will b sadly missed, god bless xx

Fred R.I.P u showed that you could live a lofe alone with anyone to help or support youGod bless you mate

anne siveter
we live in telford and it was one of the childrens highlights as we drove thru wolverhampton to look out for "tramp".we did not know his name or anything about him until reading about his death tonight.well done to the council.

Mandy Wolverhampton
He will be sadly missed in Wolverhampton, he was a real character.It wont be the same driving passed the island and not seeing him sweeping up his island.I think they should put up a memorial up so people dont forget who he was and what he stood or.

Shame it turns out he was a member of the Polish SS einzatgruppen...

what a legend R.I.P xx

"Fred" was an absolute legend, he was as much a part of wolverhampton as anything else...he will be dearly missed... i do hope that the city council do something to commemorate his life and how much he meant to Wulfrunians

God Bless x

Richard Herriott
Josef showed us all how to live life peacefully in an increasingly hectic world. He will be sadly missed and Wolverhampton, Josef's adopted city, should ensure that a memorial is erected to mark his contribution to local history. God Bless.

Therese Ward
He'll be sadly missed, wolves won't be the same without him... and the ring road will seem v. strange without the tent there. :(

I will miss seen his tent on the ring road has he been the since i can 1st remember.Im 25 from wolverhampton and he will always be remember by me R.I.P josef

claire morris
Awwwww,i think he does deserve a funeral,he will be deeply missed xxxxxxx

Helen Wood
I've just found out the sad news about Old Josef. He will be greatly missed by many people from all over the country, not just Wolverhampton. Hopefully, stories about him will be told to new generations of Wolverhampton people and his memory will live on. It would be nice to see a memorial to mark the place he lived for so many years.

Michael Brindley
R.I.P dear will be missed


Jay Fullford
Rest in peace Fred... with you a little piece of Wolverhampton has died

Abby Hart
I first saw Fred's camp in 1977. I later lived in in Wolverhampton in the 1990s and I was impressed to see he was still there. I felt warmly about Wolverhampton's compassionate people ever since. Josef's lifestyle was inspirational in ways that are hard to express.

J Macleod
Wolverhampton won't be the same - "Fred" was never a problem to anyone, unlike some in the City. Bless him, he'll be missed.

Robert Moore
I remember Fred when I used to work for Wolverhampton Ambulance Service in the early eighties. Every Christmas Fred was picked up and taken to the Royal Hospital where he was allowed a bath and a shave.


Isaw fred many years ago with a shopping trolley .it contained a dog ,her tiny puppies all warm in blankets and numerous tins of food ,bless him,a wonderful character

wendy barrier
from birmingham i tavel to familly in rhyl 3 or 4 times a year, we allways looked out for fred when we were kids, now my kids look out for him, goodbye fred xx

garry gregory
fred was alovelly man kept himself to himself and was no bother i think a memorial should be erected on the island rip fred

He was a great old man who refused to live in a house.

louise + neil
freds death has really shocked me and my husband it wont be the same driving past and not seeing his home he will be missed . god bless

we will miss you fred rest in peace

craig colley
Rest in peace Fred. I think that a memorial is the least we can do to mark the passing of Fred. He was part of the fabric of the town and will be sadly missed by everyone.God bless you Fred.

Jas Chanian
A true legend of Wolverhampton. RIP Josef a.k.a FRED

naomi and tracy
Rest in peace - youre a legend

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