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24 September 2014

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You are in: Black Country > Entertainment > Music > Led Zeppelin reunion

The London set - 10/12/07

The London set - 10th Dec 2007

Led Zeppelin reunion

To the delight of millions around the world, Led Zeppelin reunited for a performance at London's O2 Arena on Monday December 10th 2007. See our photos and listen to Robert Plant on BBC WM.

Robert Plant at WOMAD 2005 - pic Alex Flahive

Robert Plant

Click the links above to see some snaps of the 02 set and listen to Robert Plant promoting the gig on BBC WM.

Back in September 2007, Robert Plant told BBC WM's Paul Franks that one of the greatest rock bands of all time - Led Zeppelin - would be reforming for a one off gig at the end of the year.

The announcement - which was later confirmed during a press conference on 12th September - sent millions of fans around the world into a frenzy.

Tickets sold out in seconds and online auctions reached an incredible £10,000 a ticket in some circles, such was the incredible demand to see Led Zeppelin live for the first time in 19 years.

BBC WM's Paul Franks was one of the lucky few to be in attendance at the 02 Arena in London on Monday 10th December for an unforgettable night.

Click the link at the top of the page to see some photos of the set.

During the buildup to one of the most anticipated gigs of the decade, Robert Plant spoke to BBC WM on Wednesday 12 September 2007. He said:

The London set - 10th Dec 2007

The London set - 10th Dec 2007

"We [Led Zeppelin] started to get together and talk a lot more about bits and pieces we had remixed..."

"As we got to do that we started talking about that the fact that we really really were all absolutely smashed to pieces when we found that the guy who got us started in the first place, Ahmet Ertegun, had passed away.

"Forty years ago I was playing in the Black Horse in Northfield to, like, ten people. And then two years later Ahmet Ertegun signed our band... and we were off.

"We wanted to pay tribute to the effect that he had had on our careers, and the closeness we had shared with him for all of these years..."

Plant confirms that "It's total - only one show.

"The rehearsal sound is superb... the responsibility is enormous.

"I just won't have my shirt quite that open this time around!"

Click the link to listen to the full seven minute interview with Robert Plant.

Were you at the O2 Arena for the reunion? Tell us what you thought in the box below!

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Have Your Say

Will you be applying for tickets? What's your favourite memory of Led Zep in concert? Have your say, below.

The BBC reserves the right to edit comments submitted.

Tom Ford
Saw Song Remains The Same Movie. Then Saw live in 1977 best concert ever. Led Zeppelin is the greatest band of all time..31 years later I still listen to them every day. Best song is In My Of Dying.Zep Freak forever...

I just seen Robert and Allison Krauss perform in CT and they were phenominal!! The one thing that Robert Plant said at the end of the show was "see you again soon!! This could mean a USA tour with Led Zeppelin!!

FRANK G, keep your opinions to yourself. You think Sabbath was better, but the reason we like Led Zeppelin is because it's unique. So why don't you go complain about how you don't like Led Zeppelin and everyone else does to someone that agrees with you.

John Jordan
Led Zeppelin made themselves famous from songs not originally written by them, they rip off songs from Willi Dixon "You need love"->"Whole lotta love", and Spirit song "Taurus"->"Stair way to Heaven".

bonham was one of the greatest drummers ever

it's first thing in the am dec 10th in canada & I had had the impression that the show tonight was going to be broadcast on BBC yet I see no links or _? So - how is it that such a touted event in honour of a great man and as a fundraiser on behalf of the pedestalled band is being coveted for the exclusive few instead of opened onto the world stage to truly pay tribute. The band members surely lost themselves having fallen prey to the incessant hyperbole of the media. This is a disgrace to realize that as in the beginning it shall be in the end and as usual what Led Zeppelin does do is still all about them and if this is the truth then I am so let down to understand it's all a pack of lies of hollow men.

Living here in upstate NY, I don't have a memory of seeing them live. I entered contests and watched ticket prices skyrocket on Ebay. Not being independently wealthy, my sons and I are unable to go. I would hope given all of the response and outpouring of support from Led Zeppelin fans the world over, they might consider touring so loyal fans not old enough the first time around would have the opportunity to see our beloved FAVORITE band. For those of us less fortunate I hope Mr. Plant, Mr. Page,Mr. Jones and Mr.Bonham consider those of us unable to secure tickets to the O2.

Mathew Lauren
I saw them get together without JPJ:

Paula Tierney
I couldn't say I was unable to take my eyes of the most beautiful man I had ever seen. So I missed out on a lot.

No offense to all you zeppelin fans (98% of the world) but zeppelin is hugely over rated. They stole many bits and pieces, lyrics, songs etc and have been sued many times. Many of their hits are spin off of other people's music, including the begining of "Stairway". Besides Plant's annoying vocals and femine appearance and mannerism, live they have always failed because they are a studio magic band. Both page and jones were session players. Just because they have been rammed down our throats by FM radio (the vacuum of musical expression) doesnt make it good. Record sales doesnt make it good. Remember both KISS and Milli Vanilli sold MILLIONS of records. And whats with all the bluesy jams they do and the lord of the ring inspired lyrics? SABBATH has always been a better band pound for pound.

Ann Loomer
If only! I've been a devoted fan since the beginning and my kids ranging in age from 26-14 are all fans too. Music, particularly theirs has been my lifeline through many rough times and I've been in love with Robert Plant forever. Every aspect of the man fascinates me. I won't be able to be there, but I'm thrilled for all who can. The energy will radiate throughout the world.

Teresa R
wow, what a great thing this would be! I saw them in Oakland, CA...Day on the Green! Then saw Robert solo, his posters were all over my walls when I was a teenager....nice memories ;)

Jay Pownall
If you ask me, I would much rather them write music as a band again. Page and Jones together in the studio. . . It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

Bill Mc
Saw Page and Plant in Tokyo in 96. It was one of the best concerts I ever saw.

JohnnyJag U.S.A.
Knebworth 1979 KICKED ASS! My first and only time over the pond. Thanks for the memories, wish I had a ticket!

William Rowan III
From the opening cords of the first Zep song that I ever heard, things were never the same. They are without a doubt, the greatest musical act to ever perform. As well as millions of other fans, my love for them is and always will be undying. Thank you for many years of great music and great times listening to it. Robert, John, and Jimmy, rock on!!!

Lazaro Ferreira
I hope they tour again all over the world, no music moves me like its music do, I was 2 years old when they take the world by storm , thank you Zepelines, I love your music!

Chris Allen
I am 16 and live in Oak Hill West Virginia and I am pretty depressed that I won't be going. I have hoped and prayed for this day to come, looks like it was answered, I just won't be going to see them.

Fauzi Chik
I am a loyal fan of LZ and grown up with their music since 1969. Despite no opportunity to see them live, I would love to have their DVD for my collection wihout fail. I would like to suggest if they could organise a tour to this part of South East Asia, i.e Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. LZ is the Greatest band on Earth

Ted Harvey
I saw and meet LZ in Sydney Australia. Feb 1972I took my camera to the concert and got some nice shots they will be on show in London in Nov 07

Ed, Washington DC
Memorial Day Weekend, Capitol Centre, Largo Maryland. Zeppelin's Presence tour took over the beltway region for four glorious nights, many of which have been captured on bootlegs. All in all, dominant performances from an act at the zenith of its power and skill.

The Song Remains The Same
I hope it would be a marvellous come back of Led Zeppelin because we need and deserve it and have been waiting for a long time.

Tyler Smith
Im 20 and live in Georgia. HUGE zeppelin fan. I applied for tickets and i know in my heart that i will get them. only i can know why i know that. but ive gotta get a flight back right away, i've got an economics test the next day. my teacher even says i should try to go. :-D

val Jessome
To have lived in this time and experienced the music and talent of Led Zeppelin has been a gift. I listen to the music in my car to get me going in the morning. To see them live would be short of a miracle, given the mass demand to attend Novembers reunion. Thank you for your generous hearts for Ahmets I have been trying daily on our local rock station to win tickets and I have registered on Ahmets site.

I applied for tickets the first day they were announced, no word yet. 20 million people applied!!I went to the 1988 Atlantic Records Celebration and it was transforming !! The energy at the garden was hypnotic. I live in Massachusetts. I am usually a sensible person when it comes to travel, concerts, etc. As far as being a fan goes, I can hang out near the deep end and not jump in ... but when it comes to Zeppelin, I get dropped into "The Ocean" by helicopter !!

Ian Gillan
Hallo rob and jim i want two tickets for some friends in malmö sweden they live in videdal and one for me please bye bye jim and rob!!! From Gillan

Prithwi Deb
A hardcore LZ fan, I live in India and have all of their albums. Wish I was born in UK to at the least witness it now that they are re-uniting.

i'm from Russia. Great pianist Sviatoslav Rihter was 73 years old when made his 6 month world performance. LZ is Great too & they will do the same for all befor they gone!

Stuart K
Saw Zeppelin 1970,1971,1972,Earls Court 1975(all the shows),the warm up gigs for Knebworth, both Knebworths and all the 1980's European tour. Which was the best? I've gotta say all of them. The mighty Zeppelin flies again.

Christine Ashworth
Living in Massachusetts definitely states I will not be going. Plus, I was born too late to see them with Bonzo. Became a big fan by the age of 8 years. Singing is my career now and Zep has a lot to do with it. Have a great show boys. Blessings and Peace.

Maureen Champagne
I live in the US... Led Zeppelin is my all time favorite band... I grew up with them in the 70's.... so wish they could come to the US, but not for a limited amount of people; I think a lot of people here in the US would love to see them live.

I sure hope that they DON't tour. I'd rather see RP's solo project(s) - which sounds far better than this reunion nostalgia crap!When's TOOL coming to LA?

steven smith
saw zep in 79 at knobworth..sorry knedworth well there was a lot going on ...anyway they were gutted i have missed the deadline for the tickets...i have been travelling and have only just found out miracles and


Caught Led Zeppelin at their May 1988 reunion performance with Jason Bonham on drums. Five songs too short! Would love to be in the audience at the O2 this Fall. With any luck, this reunion gig will convince Page, Plant & Jones that should seriously consider a full scale Reunion Tour as Led Zeppelin. The number of ballots registering for their one date indicates that there is indeed an overwhelming demand for Led Zeppelin to commence a reunion tour. Here's to hoping that they tour together in 2008.

Albert E.
I'm only 15 but am a huge LZ fan , only saddend by the fact that I will probably never see my favorite band live altough I'll aply and cross as many things as I can to win ....., why couldn't I have been born in the 70's

Barbara Henninger
At Kezar in Golden Gate Park, 1973. Such happiness and joy! Doves released after show one lands in Robert's hand. It felt his sincerity, he felt its ass. Great man Robert!

pete g
The Hammer of the Gods strikes again- ooh yeah!!

Even as a fading star at the 2 shows at knebworth, quite simply a cut above anything that had been, was or will be. Will i be applying for tickets (for a chance to see LZ the greatest) oh its a hard call but go on i'll give it a go

Alex Johnston
I'm 16 so unfortunately i never got to see these rock giants live but i have watched the dvds and am now eagerly awaiting 1st october announcement!

Chris A.
Living in Australia it's a bit hard or impossible to attend, but I hope they release the concert on DVD or beam it live around the world, like Live Earth (which was missing Led Zeppelin!!). But it will be amazing to hear them playing together again, and I think Jason Bonham has improved on the drums. He will deliver that thunderous "BONHAM" groove that his father invented!!

graeme smith
wow they said it could never happen , the pure zeppelin will never reform due to the sad passing of j henry but god willing i will be there if not hope there will be a dvd of the event

Rachelle R.
I have applied for tickets and hope to see these legends of rock play in London! I saw Robert Plant play in Pittsburgh,PA during the Now and Zen tour and it was amazing. But seeing Led Zeppelin would be beyond amazing.

Gary Marks
Saw them in June of 1972 at the Spectrum in Phila., PA.-- Big event in my youth years. I was 19 yrs.old at the time & they were everything that was happening in music of that decade.

They have made me happy,jump for joy, cry!!!I hope to be there fingers crossed

Stephen Hopkinson
Shame it's at the O2 arena: I saw Prince there after almost a month of tweaking his sound at his London gigs, and I still felt the acoustics were week. Lord knows how it'll sound at a one night performance with so little time to prepare!I've entered the ballot, of course. Now I'll go on eBay and buy up every rabbit foot and four leafed clover in Britain...

two sheds kelly
I saw Led Zep 3 times, the first time at Earls Court in '75, it was the day I left school, they absolutely blew me away, and changed my life, all those albums still sound as fresh today.

colin osborne, brum
Saw Zep at birmingham town hall, odeon birmingham and earls court all many years ago. Saw Plant at ashton court, bristol a couple of years ago and he was sensational. Would love to go but, as ever these days, it's far too expensive.

Martin Andersen
If i can get trough to the site, then yes, i will... I've never seen LZ in concert, so this would be the BIGGEST thing for me.. :( Wish i could get some tickets.. plz?

I saw them in "77" in their prime. I would starve myself to save money, just to see them again. Rock on Led Heads.

Craig Manning
I won't be going I live in California. I saw Page/Plant back when they toured in the late 90's. And I was fortunate to be up against the stage in front of Jimmy when He played with the Black Crowes, but He wouldn't share His Guinness. I just wish they would come to the states next year and play New York, Chicago, and LA and then call it quits. Three shows in each city. Cream dissed the West coast in 2005, please don't forget the country that made Led Zeppelin who they are.

Lucky to be born in the 50s and saw Zep at the Bath blues festival 1970,Jimmy Page in a big overcoat,I think as we were a way from the stage and no big screens in those days and everything stopped for rain.Happy days

I live 12,000 miles away in Sydney but if my mate in the Uk scores tickets, I'll extend my mortgage by a few years and fly over for the weekend....

Dr Prit Cheema
My best memory was when I was 17 I and a few mates went top the Golden Eagle Pub in town (near the old Post Office) and Robert Plant was playing with the Honeydrippers. I was learning to play harmonica and managaged to blag my way on stage to play with Robert and the rest of the band. Now, 26 years later it is still one of the highlights in my life. I've applied in the ballot so maybe if Led Zeppelin need a harp player....

John Bonham died when I was three years old and my parents raised me on the music of Led Zeppelin. I know Robert's voice as well as my own mother's! I've applied for tickets and I hope the universe lets me get tickets because going to this show would without a doubt be the greatest experience of my life! I'll be flying over from Canada!

I've never seen Led Zeppelin live. And I won't be at the O2 either. Though there won't be any further reunions, I hope this final performance is released for the millions of fans who want to go but will be unable to attend. LZ must know they are loved, adored, admired by many!!!!

Yes, I'll be applying. Never saw Zep. 31 years old. Saw Plant 4 times. First time I saw him, NYC. At the beginning of the show he came out of the dark like a cat slowly clapping his hands to the beat of "Win my train fare home". Awesome!

No, I will not be applying for tickets, too expensive (air fare, etc.) for this mother of three. Rock On Zeppelin!

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