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13 November 2014

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Brett Forrest, UFO witness

Brett Forrest, UFO witness

UFO over Brierley Hill

Eyewitnesses Brett and Barbara Forrest talk about an encounter with a strange craft in the sky that changed their lives forever.

It was a cool autumn night on the evening of Thursday 19th November 1987.

At approximately 7.00pm, 27 year old Brett Forrest was strolling west down Moor Street in Brierley Hill, a winding residential road that crosses over a railway track a quarter of a mile from the town centre.

He'd picked up a few things for his mother from a local shop and could see the window of her ground-floor flat about 400 yards down the road on the right.

Brett Forrest

Brett on Moor Street

"It was a clear sky," remembers Brett. "Still fairly light for the time of day. There was no traffic at all. The only thing I could hear was the sound of dogs barking. Looking back, both of those things were really unusual."

As the road sloped upwards to become a small bridge, Brett glanced off to his left, the site of the old Brierley Crystal Stack. It was here that he saw something unusual in the sky.

White lights

"There were two white lights. One was larger than the other, with a gap in between. They were stationary and directly above the old stack tower.

"Suddenly more lights started to appear and flew around the first two. They all formed into a diamond-like formation. At this point I stopped dead and was just transfixed.

Brierley Crystal Stack- where Brett saw the lights

The old stack

"The lights started to dim and I saw that a huge triangle shaped object had formed. It was enormous. I could hear a drone-like buzzing sound coming from it. I carried on walking until I was underneath a street lamp.

"The object actually turned about its own axis, so that the tip of the triangle faced directly towards me. It was coming at me, albeit in a 'step-like' manner getting lower and lower as it drew nearer. It stopped directly above me, about 40 feet above the streetlight under which I was standing.

"Looking up, I could see that the 'craft' had a groove-like structure on its underside – coloured black, silver and bronze. It was a perfect triangle. I wouldn't say I was scared or had fear – it was more like wonderment.

"I couldn't say how big it was but being directly underneath it blocked out the sky. I've seen an aircraft carrier up close and it was that sort of size."

Brett stood under this lampost

Brett stood under this streetlight


Brett realised he was now close to his mother's flat. Leaving the road, he ran down the small bank that ran parallel to it and frantically knocked on the window.

Barbara Forrest was in her living room at the time. Seeing her clearly distressed son through the glass, she dashed to the end of the room and flung open the window.

"Mum – look!" insisted Brett. Margaret's jaw dropped as she looked up to see the gigantic object hovering over the roof of her building. Brett's father Martin came to the window too and was equally amazed.

As all three looked on, the object again rotated on its axis and quietly flew off towards the town centre. The family would later learn that their upstairs neighbour had witnessed the entire event through her window; as had numerous other local residents.

Barbara Forrest's flat

Barbara Forrest's flat


The incident had a long-lasting impact on the Forrest family – Brett's father will not talk about it to this day.

"It affected me badly for a long time," says Barbara. "I honestly didn't know who to talk to – I was terrified of ridicule. I know what I saw – it's the whole truth. I still get scared sometimes just thinking about it but it is easier now.

"I just couldn't get the incident out of my head. The author (UFO investigator) Timothy Good helped me a lot. I contacted him and we talked. He showed me case files from other sightings. I learnt that I wasn't alone."

Mr. Good, considered one of the UK's leading experts on the UFO phenomenon, has no doubts over the authenticity of the case.

View from Barbara's window

View from Barbara's window

"I find the witnesses compelling and completely honest," he says. "They haven't changed their story in 20 years.

"Their descriptions of the underside of the craft are completely consistent with the types being seen at the time but the detail is such that they simply wouldn't have known about unless they'd seen what they claim.

"The religious aspect of the case I think is particularly telling."

He is referring to Brett who turned to the church three years after the incident.

"I became a born-again Christian in 1991," Brett explains. "A friend of mine asked me if I thought my newfound faith was related to the sighting. I hadn't thought about it in those terms before, but I think there is a clear link between what I saw and finding God.

"I don't know for sure what it was. But it was something I'll never forget."

The paperback edition of Timothy Good's new book 'Need to Know: UFO's, The Military, and Intelligence' is available now, published by Pan.

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You are in: Black Country > Features > More features > UFO over Brierley Hill

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