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24 September 2014

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A triangular UFO in the sky

Watch the Skies

The leading UFO research group in the Midlands operates right in the heart of the Black Country.

Ten years ago, coinciding with the staggering number of reported UFO sightings in the Black Country area, several local people formed a group that has evolved into the Midlands’ most respected UFO research organisation – 'UFORM' (UFO Research Midlands).

Based in Brierley Hill, the group's primary goal is to act as an information outlet for anyone wishing to find out more about this global phenomenon.

Steve Poole and Yvonne South

Steve Poole and Yvonne South of UFORM

The committee run organisation was founded in 1995, primarily due to the interest and personal UFO experiences of its chairman Steve Poole:

"I attended a lecture given by astrologer Paul Mayo in 1995 at the Stourbridge Town Hall," he says. "He touched on UFOs and many of us there were very interested in the subject – I had been since I was a small boy – and we decided to form our own group.

"I have had numerous experiences involving the unexplained and strange aerial phenomenon over the years, as had the other founding members, so we all felt well equipped from the start to begin researching the subject."

Guest Speakers

UFORM holds monthly lectures in Stourbridge where members meet and discuss the latest reported sightings, their own personal experiences and listen to a range of respected guest speakers.

A 'signature' sighting

(c) Brenda Butler

One such speaker was famed author Timothy Good, universally acknowledged as the UK's leading expert on the UFO phenomenon, who attended UFORM's 10th anniversary seminar.

"UFORM are a very good research group," said Timothy. "They're thorough and most of them are very level headed. Steve Poole is a sharp guy."

UFORM also has an extremely active events diary, holding group 'sky-watches' over the summer months and they operate a 24 hour hotline for anyone to call – anonymously if they like – to report UFO sightings in the Black Country.

But their main objective is to act as a serious research body, collaborating data and offering detailed and credible information for anyone interested in this largely unexplored subject.

A typical 'sky-watch.'

A typical 'sky-watch'

"We are a research group and data gathering body primarily," says Steve. "We've now managed to build up an extensive library of books, videos and audio tapes, and a collection of slides and case files, some of which go back to the 1950s."

Research and Controversy

Of course, given the controversial nature of the subject matter, inevitably some people will be sceptical, but even the most cynical of non-believers have to admit that the UFO phenomenon is now accepted as a genuine component of popular culture.

"Many of us have had our own UFO experiences," says founder member Yvonne South. "But the fact is that nine out of ten cases of reliable people witnessing something strange can be explained away rationally.

Triangle UFO

Triangle UFO

"But that leaves a huge residual figure of unexplained cases that deserve detailed and objective investigation. The Black Country is such an active region in terms of sightings and other strange phenomena that cannot be explained away easily. We act as an outlet for people who want to know more, a place to come and speak out without fear of ridicule."

If you would like to know more about 'UFORM' or have an interest in UFOs, please visit:

Timothy Good's new book 'Need to Know: UFO's, The Military, and Intelligence' is published August 3rd 2006 by Sidgwick and Jackson.

last updated: 29/11/07

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Denice beck
my first sighting was 2006 over hucknall town on chrismas eve there was 2 large balls of bright light , at first i thought it was a hellicopter, but there was no sound , the other 3 were alot smaller ,and it looked as if thay were playing,in the sky, so fast back and forth like teasing the bigger balls of light, second time i sighted them was my daughter ,she told me she could see these balls of realy bright light, playing again ,i was in the houes and she just started shouting me mum mum look at the lights in the sky, hucknall this was in 2007, my 3rd time, i was with my partner in Ripley we had just been for a meal, as we left i glanced up and there was three of these bright burning lights in the sky , i was so excited i told my partner to pull over so he could have a look himself,, he could not beleave his eyes, there so bright and low ,so now i dont think im going mad as my daughter and my partner have seen with there own eyes.

well no i think these UFORM Nutcases want a life.and a proper Job-

Aine Kelly
I was driving to the local supermarket when I glanced a most unusual aircraft. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. It was egg shaped and gun metal grey it flew in a semi circle over some rough ground and just seemed to disappear mid flight. I have never stopped looking for sightings of similar since but have never seen anything again. This was bizarre to say the least. from the side view of it I had there were no windows or cockpit or lights or anything else visible. Just a metallic grey egg shape.

I have seen the black triangle twice now! the first time was back in 1997 and again last night! I was walking my dog and there it was large as life it flew right across my path and i got to view it side on then from the rear. My Girlfriend was there too and was quite amazed by seeing it. I do not believe it was of alien origin as im sure the "little green men" dont feel the need to fit anti colision strobe lights onto their craft!! The noise it made remended me very much of the suppressed engine sounds of a stealht fighter. I believe it is the next generation of stealth technology either being used secretly of under testing.

back in 1959,a small orange dics from the north to south,about the size of a baseball.the radio had lots of calls W.L.U.S. OR it was W.JJ.D RADIO i seen it much later when i was walking home it was very low at about 900ft from the bulidings, this time it,was going back from the south,to the north it was .as big as the moon. but very orange. i seen this. in chicago, when i saw,the big one it was ten oclock at night in augest. tr.

I've had 3 ufo experiences stretching over 15 years. They're out there,and they're down here. Bring on the GFL on the 14th. Or will they bottle it once again.

I thing within the next year or so , UFO will be disclosed to the public, something is going on, maybe nibiru????

I was in the 5th grade or so, the transmission in our Old Pontiac only had 1st gear, we were traveling at night through desert, S/Calif. . At night to avoid heat. I was sleeping in back of car, woke up and this huge UFO, saucer, white and bright right in front of car. Then it immediately flew off, so fast, milliseconds jerking from one side of sky to the other. Woah, "Mom, Dad, look at that…” they were frozen in their seats, the feeling was intense and strange, they didn’t turn around but said in odd voices to go back to sleep. I was excited, yeah right I’d go back to sleep. They weren’t talking. It was scary weird….We arrived at a gas station… I just remembered, my Dad made a phone call, who was he calling? They were acting really weird and when I asked what was going on my Dad said some bull about the woman at the gas station being crazy or something, but I knew that wasn’t it. After that trip I started being very psychic…Many years later I asked my Dad…remember the time in the desert when we saw the UFO. My mild mannered Dad grabbed me very violently and dragged me outside..I was a grown man now..he pulled up his shirt and showed me a scar, half moon next to his navel, he said that was not there b4 that night and never say another word about it, especially around my Mom. No problem, none of us ever talked, our family did not do that. Well another thing started happening after that encounter. I became Joe Scientist… doing all kinds of experiments, right away I started doing this thing I called "zoning out". Where this voice (with a German accent) would tell me stuff to do. This is where it gets really strange. I just recently found out, offhandedly that my parents were in the "intelligence" community. Not like intelligent, but like CIA, but not that. As far as I knew my Dad worked at NASA, and Mom at Lockheed in Mtn. View CA. For the Air Force. This may or may not be pertinent, I don’t know, but this is really odd. So when I was maybe 8th grade I had a lab built behind the house.. Here I was doing experiments based on what "The German" WAS TELLING ME ..Here is the part I just recently realized is very strange… My equipment and the plant I was using in my experiments came from NASA. What was going on as far as I knew was that they were sending home equipment w/ my Dad that was broken, the German would show me how to fix it and this I did in trade for equipment I needed…some I don’t know if was even legal for me to have w/out certain licenses, but there it was. Also every month I got "science club kits" in the mail, other stuff I needed. Now I ask you, how reasonable is this that a junior high kid is fixing NASA equipment in trade 4 high-end scientific equipment. Oscilloscopes, RF Frequency generators, etc. Strange Huh. Well I had really no idea what I was making, but as it took form I came to believe it was a burglar alarm that used a plant as a sentry because what I had created was a machine that allowed a plant ( a plant I’ve never seen since, and I’m all about came from NASA, was very sensitive, but not Mimosa., almost like a bamboo. Anyway the plant could read my mind and would respond w/ a wailing sound when I would think, "I’m going to burn your leaves!" Remember I was a boy, boys do things like that. As the experiment progressed the plant would go off every time I came within 30 feet, so I thought, burglar alarm. Well one day I was finished and went to get my Dad to show him. My Mom would not come, she was very afraid of me I think, I was not really there in the usual sense most of the time because I was "zoning out" as I called it to channel what I was working on. So I went to get my Dad, My lab was out back, when I stepped off the porch the Plant would wail…my alarm, so I stayed on the porch and told Dad to walk over there so he could see it in action. Nothing happened until he almost touched the plant.. Then I stepped off the porch and it went off. I made adjustments so I could do the leaf burn threat demonstration..He got real quiet and walked back in the house. And I became invisible to my par

a few months ago near our Space Center a UFO as the one shown here triangular hovered near for almost 20 minutes directly over 1-10 west near the Stennis Space Center,its lights were seen by local police patrolling the Stennis buffer zone. October 16, my wife and witnessed one emerge from the gulf near a casino on the beach hovered 1/10 of a mile away,about a 100 ft over the water, 15 minutes then gone with a stream of vapor n fireworks

Brent Wilson
Wednesday, March 26, 2008 It was about 8:25 in the PM. Not a cloud in the sky. It was very bright, brighter than any of the stars at that time, as bright as any star or planet I've ever seen. It was at pretty high altitude, I'd guess at least 10,000 ft & moving slowly, about the speed of a slow moving commercial jet. But it was a warm white light, like a star, with no red beacon light & no flashing strobe like a normal airplane. Also, it was heading south to north, which I never see airplanes go in the skies here. Also, airplanes heading away from you do not look like bright stars. After it went out of sight an airplane crossed its path at a similar altitude, which was a great reference because you could clearly see that the lights were totally different, as well as the UFO was going much slower. Also, the UFO made a couple of abrupt turns, about 20-30 degrees each, in a way that airplanes & helicopters can't. It also seemed to slow down almost to a stop at one point, then sped up again. It also went from very, very bright to extremely dim, almost out, then back to very, very bright. And there is not a cloud in the sky. It also didn't make a sound, which is not unusual, but several planes flew over within a few minutes & 2 out of 3 were easily heard. And it was very, very quiet out here. One other thing, is that it sometimes it seemed to leave a small brief trail of smoke or vapor behind it, but I thought that was maybe a trick of my eyes. But then I watched that plane fly through the same area a couple of minutes later & it didn't do that. As you know, I've watched the skies extremely carefully for about 20 years, I can tell the difference between a plane, a helicopter, a balloon, a shooting star, a satellite, weather, etc. This didn't fit into any of the normal categories. I'm not saying this was aliens, but it was unidentified, flying, & an object, hence the term UFO.

jose r hernandez
To whom it may concern,it is obvious that if some of the small probes i have seing a couple of times are not made by the mayor military industrial nations of planet earth ,then it is safe to assume that those things belong to someone else ,in the Dominican Republic they step up the observation mission,as well world wide,God help us.

1995 June approx time 00:30 Am..Sky was clear all but 1 or 2 clouds...Was on my way back to Walsall from Scotland got to Carlisle and saw 2 lights in cloud then I saw another 3 or 4 join them they where darting about in the cloud at a speed which was uncomprehensable they were so fast it was unreal this went on for about 10 minutes.. then they took off at incredible speed I was not alone when this happened I was a drivers mate in a truck we where both gobsmacked at what we had seen

Lee - Stevenage
In late summer 2006 I was standing in my uncles was around 7:00pm clear and bright, the sun was fairly low. From over the top of my uncles house in Stevenage we spotted a bright silvery ball, followed by another 8 or 9 identical objects. It is hard to describe the altitude but we guessed around 1000-1500ft. The objects were moving slowly and steadily. They were in no uniform order but instead a random flying pattern. My uncle rushed in and grabbed some binoculars. We both had plenty of time to have a look. Stangely enough neither of us could focus on the objects, it was as if there was vasaline smeared on the lense or as though there were a heat haze being generated. What we both noticed was that they were globe shaped with a hazy orange/red glow at the bottom. The objects continued towards the A1m motorway moving westward. As they approached a certain point in the sky they started to blip out as thought the light conditions made them visable but in actual reality they should have been transparant.I have never seen anything like this before and I must admit it took a while to get over. We still talk about it every so often.

1st July 2008, 10:30 PM, i saw a round looking object with lots of lights (too many for a plane or helicopter, and too big for a plane or helicopter) falling slowly down over the dudley area, then disappeared behind bushes (i was at a low level). anybody else see anythin like this?

john philipson
while on holiday in barcelona spain i noticed a white object travelling through the sky at great speed. i pointed this out to my son whom was near the time he focussed on the sky a second object was following the front of our eyes the second one did an imediate right hand turn at what could only be described as supersonic just this time an airliner was passing high in the sky in the same area as the mystery objects.the airliner was going at only a small fraction of the speed that the objects were travelling. i wondered if they could have been shooting stars however do shooting stars make 90degree imediate turns at unbelievable speeds.

everything is real in the multiverse, we fool ourselves to think we are basic when we are far from it! we all have the power and the abilities we are speculating about, take your freedom, your life in your own hands, heal, fly, dream people, its all true x

Yes have seen quite a few, they are drones, my husband saw one diamond shape, which is used by the government. Some are spinning very fast. And they shoot a cross the sky if a proaching aircraft comes too close. They just disappear. They are to the eye like flying saucers. But they are used for spying the police have them, what was detailed on BBC news a while ago, or they use models.

jack & andy
we saw about 15 bright lights go across and up about 5 mins ago they all went slow and look wierd it scared us also 1 light turned off and it looked like a disc scared us!!!

I have not seen a UFO, but I think that they have a no contact policy. They also realise that if they crash here "they are toast." there is a sign in outerspace that says "this way to the zoo (Earth)" "don't feed the animals."

Steve Poole - Chairman UFORM
Undermining National Security! Surely then the military should endevour to do their testing in less populated areas! Do not show off what you do not wish to talk about in public!

the voice in your head says:
xxxxxxx, its not military. some how i think that the top scientists and most powerful people arnt going to fly ufo's around with no reason... think about roswell, is in the middle on no where, so they can fly around.


Sighting in Surry Hills, Sydney
Tonight (April 19 2006), around 9pm I was out on our deck at home and looked into the cloud covered sky to see a light darting rapidly and haphazardly around the clouds. It wasn't lightening within the clouds, but a unstructured light flickering through and around the clouds. Like a shadow of bright light visible when hitting and reflecting off the clouds. It lasted for at least an hour, before all of the heavy cloud cover finally dispersed. I've never seen anything like it before.

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