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28 October 2014
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Sedgley Beacon Tower
Sedgley Beacon Tower

A Tower's Lament

By Tony Cowell, site user
If Sedgley Beacon Tower could talk, this is what it would say: "I have just been abandoned up here to the elements and the constant vandalism..." writes Tony Cowell.

"Brrrr it's perishing cold standing here on the top of Sedgley Beacon. That wind blows right up me parapets, in fact it's that cold I’ve got frostbite in me peripherals.

Sedgley Beacon Tower at sunset
Sedgley Beacon Tower at sunset

Mind you it’s no wonder I feel the cold I have been standing here in this same spot since the eighteen forties in all weathers and as you know the next highest land to the east of me is the Ural Mountains in Russia so it’s understandable why it’s so perishing cold.

What makes me so sad and blue is the fact that apart from the Beacon Hill Tenants and Residents Association and a few other kind and generous souls I am neglected and have been for years. I have just been abandoned up here to the elements and the constant vandalism that I have to suffer on a daily basis.

Unless you are built like me you will not know what it is like to have your old and aching stone and brick work battered with a sledge hammer or anything else that the vandals can get their hands on at the time - BELIEVE ME IT HURTS!

The view from Beacon Hill, Sedgley
The view from Beacon Hill, Sedgley

The Beacon Hill T&RA have looked after me as best as they can, it was them that had the fence erected all round me and had the two big gates fitted at either end of the Beacon, they have even applied for and been told that they could get funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to restore me properly.

But they need the council to represent and do the work on the project and work with them, the Tenants Association cannot do it on their own.

But it’s like I have already said - I am just too old and knackered with me bits all tattered and torn, me steps all broken and me gates hanging off.

So I need government money for my full restoration so I could stand here tall and proud.

Sedgley Beacon Tower
The base of Sedgley Beacon Tower

So I thought I would beg and plead with all you kind hearted people who have an interest in old and battered buildings like me. Could you show me and the Beacon T&RA and others some support by writing to Dudley Council and pleading that I get my full restoration?

I can only keep me turrets crossed.

As my favourite group, The Beatles, sang: HELP!"


Tony Cowell is campaigning for the restoration of the landmark, Grade II listed, Sedgley Beacon Tower. He is Treasurer of The Beacon Hill Tenants and Residents Association. Telephone: 01902 664995 for more information.

last updated: 11/04/06
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