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24 September 2014
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Sedgley Beacon Tower at sunset
Sedgley Beacon Tower at sunset

Sedgley Beacon Tower

by Ciarán Ryan
Tenants and residents on the Beacon Hill estate are working towards restoring Sedgley's landmark, Grade II listed tower to its "former glory".


A tower has stood on Sedgley's Beacon Hill for many years. Sedgley's beacon would have almost certainly have been lit in August 1588, to signal the arrival of the Spanish Armada. It would have been one of a chain of beacons that stretched across the country, its signal flame visible to Cannock Chase and Barr Beacon.

The Tower, circa 1969. Pic: Dorothy Aitcheson
The Tower, circa 1969. Pic: D. Aitcheson

The scenic views from Beacon Hill must be among the most magnificent in the Black Country. On a clear day, from the top of the tower it was possible to see the Bristol Channel, say local residents. But that was when the tower could be climbed.

The tower that now stands where the signal beacon once burnt, was erected in 1846, by a Lord Wrottesley, or by a local landowner, Mr Petit.

Over the years the 50 ft high tower has deteriorated. The bottom eight feet of its internal stone spiral staircase is missing. It appears to be crumbling, and has been fenced off. Rubble and rubbish is strewn around its base.

The view from Beacon Hill, Sedgley
The view from Beacon Hill, Sedgley

A housing estate now surrounds Sedgley Beacon Tower. The Beacon Hill Tenants and Residents Association formed in 1998, with the aim of improving this estate. They believe they've made a positive impact.

"Quite a number of issues have already been dealt with." says Tony Cowell, their Treasurer.

"We've raised money by Capital Bids from the Dudley Federation of Tenant and Residents Associations and been involved with four phases of estate modernisation.

Tony Cowell
Tony Cowell

"This has meant, for example, the installation of bulkhead lights for all Council properties on our estate, security fencing fitted at a major garage site and smoke alarms plus security fencing for pensioners, the disabled and one parent families."

The tower, emblem (it appears on Dudley Borough's Coat of Arms) and landmark, is the building central to the Association's estate. They'd like to see it renovated.

"We have taken to our hearts the task of restoring the old tower and surrounding area on the top of Sedgley Beacon" says Tony, "to its former glory for the benefit of our community and to make it accessible for local schools and anyone else who may wish to see this important part of local history.

The view from Beacon Hill, Sedgley
The view from Beacon Hill, Sedgley

"Sedgley Beacon is an area of natural beauty, containing an old limestone quarry, fossils and is a site of importance for nature conservation. Sadly it is being abused by vandals.

"We have managed to get funding and have had gates fitted on both ends of the Beacon, and have had fitted up there tables and benches for the use of anyone wanting to sit and enjoy the views."

The gates were installed in 2003. The Association, with the support of their former MP Ross Cranston, persuaded Dudley Council that they would help prevent fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour.

Tony wants more than gates, he wants to see the tower restored.

Sedgley Beacon Tower
The base of Sedgley Beacon Tower

"Two years ago we had a proper costing and evaluation done by a conservation officer" says Tony. "We have been advised, because of the cost, approximately £ 150,000, one way forward would be to split the work up into six parts over a number of years."

Renovating the Tower to modern standards would mean replacing the missing steps to the observation platform and fitting a handrail and guard-rail. Missing and damaged stone would need to be replaced. Litter, graffiti and old fencing would have to be removed. The tower would need to be fitted with an iron gate, the terrace wall, gate pillars, cappings and copings would have to be restored. The tower floor requires free draining stone paving... just a few of the items on Tony's long list.

"Since starting this [Tower] project our Association has come to realise the tremendous amount of work involved and the enormous cost and have admitted we will never be able to achieve this ourselves." says Tony.

Sedgley Beacon Tower
Sedgley Beacon Tower

"We have come to the conclusion that we need to approach the right people with the knowledge, expertise and financial backing to accomplish this. We have now approached the Council and the Lottery and English Heritage.

"This is a major project, which will take time and money to accomplish, but it is what we want to see done."


To raise funds towards the restoration, the Tenants Association sell prints of a painting of the tower, by local artist Phil Guest.

More information available from the Beacon Hill Tenants and Residents Association:

Telephone: 01902 664995


last updated: 15/07/08
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jonathon darby
i also spent my time as a young lad up the beacon and the tower at times i also work up the beacon 0n the new water revs i have been living in N Ireland since 1971 but still have family in sedgley

Eliza Bagley
Although I have lived inAustralia since 1971, I was born and raised in Upper Gornal. In the mid 1960s, as a teenager, I learned to ride horses at Fred Hartill's stables in Sedgley. We often used to ride up the Beacon Hill so I was interested to stumble on this item. From the posts it sounds as though horse riders would have hard time competing with all the other activities up there these days!

debbie large
Why is it that Sedgley Beacon is all fenced off and not used as leisure space like that of only35 years ago or so.

I have read most of the submissions here and I see several say "I have lived in S all my life" then add I am 22 or such, I expected to see some one I knew, but after 73 years, there are not many left. I too lived in the shadow of the Beacon, I could see the Tower and tanks from my home. (I was born in Greenway) and spent many, many hours up there. up and down the hills, listening to skylarks, meeting my friends at the "Horseshoe" running ourselves silly on those hills. I think Mom was pleased to see us back...tired out and ready for bed.We too loved the Tower, in all its glory. Many is the hour we spent up at the top.I still go there when time permits during one of my frequent visits to my family.. It's a pity that it is necessary to have put the gates to stop me parking there, and taking a walk over my old stomping grounds. Always the boundary between town and country.Yes go ahead , find funds to restore the Tower. BUT keep it safe when you have done it.


Matt- Yes, Turner's Hill is the highest point in the Black Country but Kate's Hill is the highest point in the modern Dudley Borough.

gr8 miss spent youth geting drunk up the tower the place neads some atention its bean burnt out the steps are faling apart restor it and reopen it to the public its views deseve to apreciated

Sedgley born and bred.Our house backed on to the beacon.Climbed up the tower many times in the 60,s / 70,s. Green water towers next to the tower,great view for miles. Remember the rest of the beacon before the resorvoir was buit.The view from me dads house has been spoilt by the so called black country urban forest, what a mess.Refurbish the tower its our history.

If the residents need help in restoring the folly, have they tried contacting The Folly Fellowship (

IF Robert Sedgley is interested if he sends his email adress i will email him some photos of the Beacon Tower and of Sedgley Beacon

mrs tracey owens
I used to live in sedgley, and climbed the beacon tower many times, but was very sad, to see all the rubbish that people left and treated the tower with very little respect.

i have allways loved the beacon,from a young age collecting fossils among other things and it would be nice to se it renovated

Robert Sedgley
I would like to see this place some day. I live in the USA

The tower was a great place to play when I was a lad in the late fifties, just a short trip up the road from my home in Beacon Rise...but does anyone remember the water tanks on stilts next to the tower? It was great to climb up them for a cooling swim in the summer holidays. If only local people knew that their drinking water had been a bath for others before them!! Does anyone remember this?

I can remember visiting my aunty Amy ,approx 1947 and climbing this tower, I have wondered since then on occasions which tower it was and asked my mother when she was alive ,until clicking onto this web page today 14/Oct/2007 I did not know where it was ,thanksAt the time in 1947 I was visiting from Manchester

We was actually considering making a documentary about restoring the Beacon tower a while back, might go ahead with it if we can get some support. If you would be interviewed about it, email me

i think the beacon is a very nice place because i somtimes take the dog there with ma family and he loves it soooooo that y i think is great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loved the thread , live ins edgley an have done so for over 20 years, went to Dormston school that held the beacon on its blazers so realy would love to see everyone pulling together to keep this great landmark

gornal wolf
Great feature !I grew up on the Ettingshall Park side of the beacon, and for many years it was my playground and in later years my "courting" ground ! ( no need to mention any more details / names , in case my wife reads this ! )I can remember in my younger years being able ( via some strategically placed railings inside the tower ) to climb to the top !

Been their today with my mrs and i must say the view is spectacular!

I was born and bred in Sedgley living about 150 yards from the Tower. The tower is Sedgley.The Tower and the Beacon are landmarks that should be restored. I have spent many happy and scary hours playing up the Tower and around the Beacon. our speciality was climbing onto the outer edge and going around top of the Tower.

beacon hill tenant
i have lived in sedgley right by the beacon all my life my dad and i spent meny hours walking over there when i was a child also as i was growing up i played over there with my friends but yet i always had respect for the beacon and the tower i have spent many hours just looking at the views i hope it lasts forever as sedgley wouldnt be sedgley without the tower and i hope my family will be able to enjoy it just like i did . i think it is a good idea it should be restored as it is a historic land mark i just think its a shame the park as been removed it was a life line for us kids on the estate back in the 80's as we didnt need to hang on the streets yet still never vanulised the beacon just enjoyed what we had .

Beacon Tower
What a frustrating time this is im getting really fed up with being treated like this and being ignored by the powers that be on Dudley Council.After all these years of being left to rot and crumble away Dudley Coucil finaly decided to applly for the lottery funds to restore me and get me all spruced up and restored but when are they going to start. They need interested people to set up a friends of Beacon Tower Group and there are these people willing to become part of this group but they cannot get any sense reason or cooperation from the planning department and they will start to loose interest, so i beg you kind people out there to get onto Dudley Council and insist they shake there feathers and get their finger out and make a start. Oh and by the waqy rupe i do not need demolishing if you look at the Beacon Pictures you will see one of me standing by a mast, i think its good anchient and modern

demolish the old beacon, and put up a 21st Cent. replacement. The hill is already used as a 21st cent beacon, ie the radio masts.DEMOLISH THE wrottesley monument and put up a modern one.R.

billy and martin
this is our home town we are proud to live here :D:D

I lived in Woodsetton as a child and used to visit the Beacon Tower on occasions have climbed the steps to the top many times.In my employment with Dudley Metro politan Council i remember fairly well being engaged near to the Tower must have been in the mid 1970'son errecting a wooden type screen made from round peeled timbers concreted into place sort of semi circle,and installing a telescopeon a stand behind the barrier just pertruding above.Also i can recall installing a bench or may have been two benches,also some brick paving to this area.I remember this work vividly as i recall it was in the month of Febuary and think it was the coldest job i ever carried out iremember a supervisor jumping from his vehicle and being blown away he found it almost immpossible to remain upright.It was b iterly cold indeed the whind was cruel I have nether forgotten all those years ago.

Ex teenage tearaway
would it still costs £150k to repair if each one of the people sharing their positive opinions spent a few hours helping the restorative team ?I for one would willingly bring my family for a day smartening up the area most people in Sedgley use as their free back garden.... I was one of the kids who helped Mr. Thompson( QV Deputy head ) cut down trees and smarten up all Saints Grave yard 28 years ago and we had a brilliant time .Perhaps thats what is needed .. a re union of Mr. Thompson's volunteers. lol

i commend tony for what he is doing not just for sedgley but as for history as a for the kids on the bikes dont blame the kids blame the parents for buying them.its a lovely place keep it that way.the pubs and most the people are sound dont let the kids and the people who dont give a xxxx spoil it for those many.who do care what they have.good look tone ill get you a pint next time im up there mate.all the best.D.PHILLIPS

Big Dave
I have lived in the area for 30 years and the views off the beacon are second to none, Having been educated at parkfields many of the kids would dread the beacon run. The tower should be restored by any means. All parties must come together to do what needs to be done. Well done to all.

Just entered the site for the first time. Good to see Tony trying to improve "The monument" as I knew it as a kid.I can remember being able to reach the top and looking out over the edge. All I was worried about at the time was if my mom or dad found out! (Frances and Ray). In answer to the writer,(Adam) on the subject of the doors. They are the entrance to the underground resevoir built in the 70's to replace the old tanks. I was also told that the water authority had to return the height of the beacon to 777ft above sea level. p.s. Good Luck Tony.

danielle (tony granddaughter)
come on and support my grandad he needs all the help he can get. I have lived in sedgley all my life and i have always loved beacon tower. Thank you

Janet Wynn
This project should be made known to all Sedgley residents including the local history group, perhaps a collection could be made?

I am sedgley born and bred - as was my mother, and her mother, in fact as far back as we can trace. I am now well into my "twilight years" but can recall the many happy hours we spent as children playing over the beacon, collecting fossils and making "camps". Even then (all those years ago) the tower was in a bad state of repair and my father was always telling us to stay away from it as it was dangerous. I no longer live in the UK but I am glad to hear the tower is going to be restored - it is part of Sedgley history and desrves to be cared for.

As a teenager I spent a couple of creepy nights in the tower. It's a wonderful landmark and deserves to be restored and respected by its community. The view at the top is amazing. A real local treasure

sedgley mole
I've lived in sedgley all of my life and find it sad to see the tower in such a bad state, all it needs is a few willing local buisnesses to donate a few pounds to some willing volunteers to get the tower to its former glory.SO COME ON PEOPLE OF SEDGLEY ! BE PROUD OF OUR LOCAL HISTORY!

Its nice to know that the beacon is still being remembered from nearly over 500 years ago. And from the top it has a very nice view. Thank you all for setting out this site, it is worth it =]. And to whoever said this beacon tower is a discgrace! your a discrace!

i think that the beacon tower is a good example of the placxe sedgley is, itis shame that kids hang around and make it look like it belongs to tramps. swedgley iotself is a great place and i think thta you should ahve a police patrole every two or three hours just to check the tower is ok and its surroundings.

tom n
i think it is a really good idea renovating the tower i myself have been up there a numbver of time=s and the view is spectactualr

An admirer
Please please keep the Beacon i love it. Dont let the non caring people win. My ancesters came from Sedgley and i know if they were still alive they would fight. So please Sedgley people fight for your heritidge.

All talk and no action. Went up last week and the kids have actually started removing the stone from the top of the tower. Personally I can't see what the problem is. Grants are not a problem, the kids are. If you really want to help your Community, discipline your kids. Unfortunately, I've been forced to live on the Beacon Estate.

Look guys i live right near the tower... its a disgrace face it... it needs to be either knocked down or restorded... come on guys get on wiv it!!!

Although Sedgley Council tried to improve the Beacon in the 1920s, Tony Cowell is trying as hard as he can to improve the Beacon and his efforts will eventually lead to change. Dudley Council is the difficulty in this situation- they don't realise or even think about the tower's importance. A Memorial would have been a good feature of the Beacon- I'm surprised it never got off the ground. Barr Beacon has its own War Memorial (sadly vandalised). To Harvey Cooper and Historian- although there wasn't a Priory Abbey in Sedgley, there is a road called The Priory off Gospel End Road which is named because it was built on fields known as The Priory- these fields were owned by Sandwell Priory. Abbey Street and Abbey Road in Lower Gornal are named after thre nearby Abbey fields which were owned by Halesowen Abbey

l have read about the restoration of the beacon with interest, years ago the scouts put a telescope there, that did not last long, there is alway's vandals who want to undo whatever is done, l remember that charabangs (coaches) used to take people to the Beacon for a day out, l know this because l have seen them myself, old people used to sit by the Beacon and eat their lunches. my mother and l watched as they prepared the ground for the Beacon Hill Cemetery, the same field that used to grow potato's in, dorothy

In reply to pegleg, My comments were intended for all those who read this interesting site and not just the Beacon Hill Tenants and Residents Association. After all it’s an open forum. I also merely stated that others have previously tried to improve the Beacon, and I would not want their contribution forgotten. However, I’m somewhat puzzled, why should I mention Dudley Castle, since it was not under discussion!!!

In reply to local historian i cant make my mind up about your comments to the Tenants group. Are you in agreement with what they are trying to do or are you saying because this worthy cause has been tried before and failed they are wasting their time. If as you say you still walk up there perhaps you could give them backing. Also you forgot to mention Dudley Castle once belonged to Sedgley and in my oppinion still does

l have lived all my 70 yrs in sedgley having been born in the high st, we moved to a new council estate in 1939 just below the beacon tower, l have been up that tower more times than most people, in the war we would collect silver paper for christmas decorations from the Beacon, l now live just 5 mintutes walk away from the beacon in a ex council house built in 1919/20, the Beacon is nothing like it was 40 years ago, my father Samual Britton kept a alloment there on the Beacon in the first world war he was about 14yrs old, a old man lived on the Beacon in a hut between the war's his surname was Whorton, my father used to give him 3pence (three pence old money) to buy tobacca, his daughter Ginny gave him some food, my Aunt Omy (Naomi) was given a Council house in Beacon lane when they were first built she was 16yrs old and was just Married. l have been as child with my friends run of the fields by the Farmer, for pinching a swede, we played in a valley behind the houses which Dudley council filled with refuse.

The Historian
"We have taken to our hearts the task of restoring the old tower and surrounding area on the top of Sedgley Beacon,” says Tony, "to its former glory for the benefit of our community.” Well Mr Cowell you and your Tenants and Residents Association are not the first to have tried to improve the Beacon. Sedgley Councillors tried this in the 1920s even having their photographs taken planting trees and bushes. This was just after the Beacon Estate was built in 1920. It was even envisaged that a WWI memorial was to be placed on the top of the Beacon, which would have been illuminated and seen from afar, unfortunately the scheme never got off the ground, to much bickering by those concerned! I personally have many fond memories of playing on the Beacon as a child, and still enjoy less than frequent walk over the Beacon. Harvey Cooper ‘Was there a priory abbey in Sedgley’ to answer that question, alas no, medieval Sedgley only had its Norman Church pulled down and rebuilt in the early 19th Century. Local Kids used to call the Beacon ‘The Bacon, and some of my friends still do’ Local Historian

stuart male
i think its a good idea to restore the tower i come from great barr but run for tipton and enjoy looking at it every time i go running on sunday mourning it would be great to see it in its glory restored looking nice

The Leaver
To be honest, i dont think Sedgley is worth the trouble. Yeah okay we have a good nightlife so to speak. But EVERYONE knows what the Beacon is used for, And its not the views! Im not saying anything else haha. As soon as it gets re-done or whatever, we all know the amount of Grafiti that will appear will be awfull and a waste of time.

andrew norwood
i have been visiting the beacon for many years, and the sheer state of the tower is unbelivabley poor and i think if more people was to get involved we could raise the money to get the tower renovated!!!

the twer is so big you couldnt see from the top of it

i dont go up the beacon very often but when i do its class by the way is that nat nat adams?

Carl Higgs
Visited Sedgley Beacon last week for the first time since the early seventies. It brought back so many memories of treks up there with my 'Nan' Hall from Beacon Rise. The 'Monument', as we called the tower, was in a pretty derelict state even then, though it didn't stop the more adventurous youth of the day from trying to climb it - what seemed like harmless fun in those days. So, I was pleasantly surprised at how clean and green it all looked up there thirty years on - and how quiet, too (though everyone else was probably indoors watching the England match!). On a clear day the views are second to none. The Tenants and Residents Association is to be commended for what it's achieved so far, especially the gates. The trouble is, society has changed, thanks largely to people having too much spending money and too many high tech 'toys'. Young people especially, now just don't appreciate the simpler things that our ancestors did, or care about what's on their doorstep until it's not there any more. But youngsters do still need green areas to play in, which are sadly becoming fewer and fewer, and an outlet for all that energy. However, teenage tearaways on mini mokes and the like, who terrorise others, are another matter. Maybe those caught doing so should be made to contribute to the tower's renovation, or else made to climb it, as we did as kids, in the hope (speaking with hindsight) they might break their silly necks!

go sedgley wuu woo im up the beacon tower every fri nite n the tower is class luv it

harvey cooper
was there a priory abbey in sedgley

I think The doors you are talking about Adam are the entrance into the reservoir. That is what that part of the Beacon is a large reservoir,if you look around the top you will see ventilation shafts

Perhaps you could help me out. I have wondered, for many years now, why there are gigantic doors on the one side of the Beacon. These are pad locked and partially caged. Can any one explain this. Is it something to do with the military??

I have lived just off the beacon all my life, it is such a nice place to go for a bit of time out and a relaxing walk, i am 22 now and can remember being able to climb the tower (wouldn't recomend it now its not safe at all) and see the lovely view all around . In my honest opinion sedgley beacon does have a major problem with idiots on mini motos and motor bikes who think they can do what they wont on it, with no respect for others or animals. This probmlem is usally only during school holidays and after school time (not pointing blame but its obviously children 9 out of 10 times). One thing i would definatly recommend trying is the beacon pub! im not a ale drinker but the home brewed ale is definitely worth a try make sure to get a taxi home though, you'll be lucky to walk home after a pint let alone drive!

I think Dudley Council should really see the importance of the Beacon Tower as a local landmark and think of it as more of a priority. When the tower is finally restored, though, its status as a landmark needs to be made clear because it has suffered so much vandalism in recent years. As the Beacon is the second highest point in the Black Country (after Turner's Hill), it needs to be promoted more by Dudley Council, the Beacon's not even named on any map, unlike Barr Beacon and many people don't realise that it's one of the best viewpoints in the Black Country, if not the best. On a clear day, I've seen as far as Derbyshire. Sadly, no access to the tower restricts the view to the south, which, no matter how good the rest of the view can be, is still a disappointment.

I think its such a shame that although we have a place of beauty right on out doorstep, we have to travel if we want to go and appreciate a well maintained area. The beacon is such a waste of beautiful and historic land. It would be so nice to think that the tower could be restored so that us local's could enjoy.

s howells
yes we can see the tower from are house would be nice to have it re stored and cleaned up

I agree with all that you say Mike. One of the worst things in life is stepping in dog mess, my children are always stepping in it, more than likely the dog walkers have never had that 'pleasure' yet..I think the dog mess is a bigger issue than restoring theTower.The Beacon Hill Tenants and Residents Association most probably walk their dogs up there too. Is this what you meant by do good dog walkers Mike? Kids on the Beacon estate all have an attitude problem, they seem to think that they are something special. This boils down to no descipline at home and school. They show no respect for others and are all too often shouting abuse to others who just want to go about their own buisness.The tower will no doubt be restored one day, but it will have to surrounded with a sustantional fence to keep the kids out. Those wishing to visit Sedgley, don't bother, you wont be missing anything.only a town full of bad atitude! Myself, I can't wait to get away from all this..

Don't all you do good dog walkers feel ashamed of yourselves. Visitors from the US must think we're a total bunch of scumbags. The dog mess on Sedgley Beacon, especially by the Tower is a disgrace! Before you go moaning about motorcycles and restoring the Tower, think about the children that play up there. Dog mess is dangerous and can even lead to blindness. You good people who are thinking of restoring the Tower ,think about starting an Anti Dog Mess Campaign. As for the bikes, the problem is not the bikes, it's those that ride them.

Robb Sedgley (NH-US)
I have wanted to come to Sedgley for as long as I knew it existed. Whatever it takes to keep the tower there needs to be done. Tell me how I can help.

19 YR OLD, who like to talk
ive been living on the beacon estate for the past 7 years, nothing pleases me more then to go up to the beacon and relax, i like to climb the beacon tower and look over at the wonderful view, oh and this is to the wench of 17, if you stopped riding your bikes all over the beacon it would be much better and quieter for us people who love the beacon, you are the sort of person that brings us teanagers a bad name, shame on you, i would love to see the tower resored, it would be a great thing to see, the beacon has made its mark on most people who live in sedgley, it is a wonderful place, im just sad to be leaving the area, although i am going it will be within my heart forever.

Firstly i love the idea of the tower being restored but as a pesimist i cant see it staying that way forever. It will soon be vandalised again, this is not me moaning at the kids and saying they should all grow up and get banned from the beacon or any other stupid things you hear people say because kids will be kids and thats just a fact of life that has to be dealt with. Also for the bikes as i live on farrington road and my garden leads directly on the beacon i recieve a lot of local council mail about the noise from these bikes and must say that personally i have never noticed it at all (im 18 so im not hard of hearing). Anyhow good luck with your aim and i hope it goes well Thom

No matter how old you are, we are all just passing through. Its encumbant on us to pass on things of value to those yet to come. The beacon is one such thing. I live in Wolvewrhampton and have looked up the hill to the beacon for many years. I am sure that if you publicise the renovation, many members of the public would donate.

I would just like to wish everybody a Happy Christmas and a happy healthy wealthy New Year. Thanks for your support

Thanks Smudge for the idea i have written to South Stsffs before and didnt get a reply but its worth trying again,'Nothing tried nothing gained'i will have to put pen to paper again

If you need some help try contacting South Staffordshire Water. South Staffs Water use the Beacon as a reservior. If they want some publicity they may contribute in some way.

In reply to the last comment from a wench of 17,what a typical answer from a loud mouth teenager who doesnt respect responsability. The bikes shouldnt be sold unless proof is produced that there is a proper place to ride them, but once again it is the same old story ive got a bike so i dont care who i upset

not goin to say
well to be honest the beacon is a nice place but us teenagers need to ride our motorbikes somewhere so how about not spend the money on the tower but on a new dirt bike track , if im not on my bike then im walking the dog over there its a nice walk and a nice view we cant help but ride our bikes there if theres no where else to ride them. so stop moaning from a wench who's 17

I would love to know if the myth abouth the beacon being the highest point till the Ural mountains are reached is really true. If so, where in the Urals?

I have lived in Sedgley and Coseley all of my life love the area and the Beacon. Played there all the school hols 50+ years ago now take my grandsons to where I used to play. Pity the motorbike IDIOTS are spoiling the our beauty spot. Keep uop the good work.

hayley cowell
it is good to see some suport but there are going to be negative points but the changes will be 4 the better i know about all the children as it is my friends phill is talking about but it not just the becon.

Tony Cowell
Hi Ryan thanks for your comments and offers of help, would you mind passing me you Email Address and we could discuss your interest, once again thanks a lot all the best Tony

Ryan Sedgley (Florida, US)
My wife & I visited the tower in 1999 and would like for it to still be there when we come back one day with our children. How can we help?

Danielle Cowell ( tony`s 2nd granddaughter
I agree with Hayley what granddad is doing for the beacon and tower, lets hope he gets plenty of support.

I believe sedgley tower should be restored to its former glory as it is part of sedgley's long history.The Sedgley Beacon provides an area of amazing natural Beauty and spectacular views over urban and rural areas.If Vnadalism and moterbikes were stopped then the Beacon (along with its tower) would be a peaceful area which people could enjoy.

Phill i use the beacon pub myself so if you want to discuss this anytime give me a shout

hayley cowell (tonys granddaughter)
i think it is really good what my grandad is doing and hopefully he will get a lot of support i know im behind him all the way

What's the point! People are frightened to go up there anyway for fear of being mowed down by motorbikes! I love Sedgley Beacon, and have lived in Sedgley for 30 years or so, but it needs some more policing to stop kids from wrecking the place, plus some more facilities to occupy their time after school and at weekends. I have walked across the beacon tonight to go to the Beacon pub, only to find several youngsters drinking bottles of vodka over there, plus the kids on the motorbikes! They need something else to keep them out of trouble. Spend the money elsewhere on something more useful!
from the beacon the next highest ground looking due EAST is the URAL Mountains. I hsd many happy hours there as a lad. { am due back in england shortly and intend to bring a bevy of photos of the blackcountry in the 50.

Mandy wasdell
I live in Monument lane one of the roads that surround Sedgley beacon. I am so glad the old tower is going to be restored. I have fond memories of playing on the Beacon when I was a child with my brothers and sisters. I also have a family connection with Sedgley Beacon. My great, great grandfather use to be the keeper of the Beacon. His little cottage was situated on Wolverhampton road east at the rear of the beacon. He use to charge sixpence for people to go on to the Beacon. This was around the early 1900's, late 1800's when families would enjoy picnics and days out on top of one of the highest points in the West midlands.

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